Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweet 16

Pinch me. There's no way this little girl
is celebrating her Sweet 16 today.

Oh but she is. 

Sixteen years ago today (at 7:47 a.m. to be exact) my baby girl came into this world and my life was forever changed. Babies tend to do that, especially since I was a baby too. We've both done a lot of growing up over the past 16 years. She was a little thing, weighing 6 lb. 14 oz., 19 inches long - the smallest of my loves. She had the most beautiful round head. Her due date was November 22 but I was thankful she didn't make me wait. I remember that day like it was yesterday. My mom made a breakfast food for dinner that night then had gone to choir. When she got home I told her I was feeling some discomfort. I said, "How will I know?" She said, "When you can time the pain. And you'll just know." Well, I just knew. We timed them for a while then decided to call my aunt who lived half way between Selma (where I lived) and Birmingham (where my doctor was). After talking to Kay we decided we would head to her house for a quick check to make sure I was actually in labor before going to the hospital. So with regular contractions every few minutes, mom and I headed to Kay's house. Once there she determined that yes ma'am, I was indeed in labor. It was early, though, so we had plenty of time. She showered, I put on make-up between contractions. She and mom gave me the nickname "Thumper" because every time I had a contraction I would thump my foot. :)

We made it to the hospital around midnight. It took a while but I finally got comfortable with the epidural and slept. I seemed to stay at 3 cm FOREVER. My nurse checked me at 6-something and I was still 3. One hour later she checked me again and I was at 10. Whoa! That's progress. It was time.

They told me to be patient that I may have to push for a couple of hours. HA! Whatever. I knew that wasn't gonna fly. I am not that patient. Six pushes and 15 minutes later and we all heard that sweet first cry. Which almost instantly was drowned out by all our cries. Ha! :)

What a gift this precious soul is to me and everyone who loves her - there are a lot of us. She's beautiful. Intelligent. A bit sassy at times. Quick-witted. Loyal. Loves Jesus and has a giving heart. She loves music - hates it if you learn the words to a song before she does. She loves talking about memories. We have a lot of those. She's a momma's girl. And I'm so proud to be her momma.

I found more baby pictures I don't think I've ever posted so here's your warning for picture overload. Because you can never have too many. 

This was actually her 2nd Christmas. Um, she didn't like him.
First smash cake. Now that she did like. :)
She always loved sink baths
Pickle face
Sweet cheeks
One of the many Graystone birthdays
This one cracks me up. 
Do you see her? :)
Sweet Sissy
And now look at her...
Post on all the birthday festivities to come.
We're not done yet.

Happy Sweet 16, baby girl. I love you so very much!


Shea said...

wow..what a sweet post. you forgot about the part where you passed me by sonic and told me you were in labor!! oh my word. how crazy! what a beautiful girl she my friend, did good. you did real good! I think you deserve a celebration in honor of you...the job you have done as a mommy at such a young age. you are one great mama! I love you!!!

Angie said...

Gosh how did 16 years fly by! And yes ma'am Shea is right you did GOOD, well GREAT!!! She is beautiful and I know she is so proud to have and call you MOMMA!! Can't wait to hear all about the celebrations!

ps--will you add your email here so you can reply to my post and we can chitty chat ;) I have some things to say...

Mary Carter said...

Ahhhhhh!! I cry.