Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Giving Thanks

It's very important to my mom that everyone in our family get together for Thanksgiving. The older I get the more I understand and appreciate this. I can only imagine Chris and I will want the same thing when our children are grown and have their own families. It was a bit early, but this past Saturday was the only day before Thanksgiving we could make it work. There's really nothing more to say than, as always, it was great. The food was fabulous and the company was even better. I laughed until my stomach hurt more times than I can count. Before my Uncle Kenneth (a/k/a Uncle Stinky) blessed the food my dad said a little something about how thankful and blessed we all are to have each other - which of course all made us tear up. ;) And he's so right. I feel extremely, sweetly blessed to have my family.

And now I'm going to overload you with pictures from our day. Had I known my mom was going to want to get a picture of the grands for her Christmas letter I would have dressed us better (except B - she's always dressed the part). When she first mentioned it I said, "NO WAY!" If you know Big D you know that flew over like a lead balloon. D got her picture. :)
Might RaRa be telling her baby love of a fun surprise??
Might Uncle Stinky be telling Grant a similar one?
Possibly having to do with a visit to The Loveliest Village on the Plains?
Sweet B
Me with half of my loves :)
Dawnie - such a daddy's girl!
Tory Burch keychain? Check! Now all she needs is keys.
The best sisters in the world!
Nana with her girls
M and M
Or as I like to call them:  T-R-O-U-B-L-E :)
Do you have any idea how hard it was to get this picture?
Darn kids.
Had to include this one - Kenneth is a HUGE Auburn fan.
He wore the U of A shirt in support of Dawnie for the big game.
Now that's love, people

While we're on the topic of giving thanks, I'm thankful Grant had a project due Monday. Why you ask? Because having Procrastination Polly for a mom meant we had to kick it in gear to get it done this weekend. RaRa was here this weekend.
Many thanks, Martha, for an awesome project!
Still pissed you took all the creativity genes. Selfish a**! ;)
The best daughter in the world!
Me and my boys

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!
Psalm 133:1

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Shea said...

Such a beautiful family! I can just hear yall laughing now! xoxo!