Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Kids amaze me and they're hilarious.  One thing that's not so hilarious with having boys is the fact that almost every toy they have ends up being lost or broken fairly quickly.  It still is a great mystery to me as to where some of their things have gone.  And most they either break by being so rough with it or it becomes a tool for destruction.  However, there are a few things Grant and Mac have that they obviously hold near and dear because they a) still have them and b) haven't broken them - yet.  When I would see them playing with them I would think to myself, "Hmm, wonder where they were keeping that,"  or "oh, that must have been in the BOTTOM of the toy box and when they dumped it all out they found it."  Not so.  I found out this week they each have a "safe spot."  I noticed Grant and Mac were going in and out of the bathroom a few times together and this worried me.  BAAAD things have happened in the past when they conspire.  :)  Kidding!  Ok, not really.  Do you know how hard it is to clean an entire bottle of baby soap/shampoo off a tile floor?  The grout just sucks it in.  Anyway, I decided to follow and heard Mac ask Grant to use his Halloween flashlight.  Grant says, "Ok, Mac, but when you finish, give it back to me so I can put it in my safe spot."  I had to make my presence known (before then I was just listening around the corner) so I could see this safe spot.  They each have chosen a drawer in their bathroom to put their stuff in.  

(Money?  Good thing I found out about this spot.  With the economy, I may need to get into his stash! HA! Play handcuffs that are NOT meant for adult wrists although when G plays Policeman he is ruthless and will MAKE them fit.  And no, those are not shotgun SHELLS, they're empty casings Grant picked up while we were dove hunting last time - I guess it's a boy thing.)

Hand sanitizer and "big boy wipes"?  I'm impressed, Mackey!

And although it's not secret and with my crew you wouldn't think it's safe, neither goes in the other one's drawer without asking.  It's like it's sacred.  This blows my mind!  I love it!  There is ONE catch:  Reid doesn't know these "safe spots" exist yet! ;)


Tara McClendon said...

I love it! That's precious. Just like with my girls I know they have their moments where they want to kill each other, but it's things like this and seeing how close they are that makes me LOVE being a Mom. I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

Ford Family said...

precious boys!!