Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I was quite disappointed with the results of my DIY white chocolate mochas.  I ordered this white chocolate sauce:

It was not very thick and not very concentrated yet had a strong almond flavor.  I like a little almond but in order to add enough of this sauce to be able to really flavor the drink, the almond taste was overpowering to me.  YUCK!  I tried a couple of other things too but just can't get it right.  What I found closest to a good white chocolate mocha is this:

It's a good bit sweeter than one from Starbucks but sweeter is good for me.  So I'm sticking with this unless I can make it to Starbucks.

This is my sister's recipe for a really good, mild, smooth hot chocolate mix:

1 box instant dry milk (will say on box it makes 8 qt.)
1 lb. confectioners sugar - SIFTED
1 lb. Nesquik chocolate powder (I added a little more)
6 oz. powdered creamer

Mix all ingredients in large mixing bowl.  My sister uses her hand mixer.  I opted not to use mine because the boys were helping and I knew using a mixer with dry, sticky ingredients would make for an even messier task.  We just mixed it all by hand so we could all have a turn.

Use 1/4 cup for 8 oz. hot water (I use 6 oz. water), add some marshmallows and/or whipped cream and enjoy!  It's so so yummy and so very easy to make!

I'm not much of a reader but wish I were.  Thankfully Bethany enjoys a good book, and I attribute her love of reading to the fact that she was read to a lot when she was younger.  I want the same for the boys but it's hard to get my rough and tumble boys to sit down long enough to eat much less read a book.  I have found that taking them to the library and letting them pick out their own books helps peak their interest.  We did just that yesterday.

Playing with puppets:

Here are a couple I've found that they LOVE.  They will sit down, all 3 of them, and let me read them over and over - not an easy thing to accomplish!  These are a must if you have boys!

Along with I Stink there is also I'm Bad, I'm Dirty, and I'm Mighty.  But I Stink is their all-time favorite (and a lot of fun to read to them)!  We check it out again and again (hint, hint for mom or Martha as a Christmas present).  We checked out a few we haven't read yet, so maybe we'll be adding more to the Norton list of "books for boys."  :)

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Tara McClendon said...

Ahhh, the library takes me back! That was always one of my favorite places to go as a child. The girls love the 'libary', too. Too bad we're banned since B got us sent to collections for overdue books and DVDs! HA! :) I'm kidding, we took care of that and can go back, but I always forget about it until someone reminds me...thanks!