Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We have had some beautiful weather the past couple of days, so we've been taking full advantage of it. There is a great playground minutes from our house at my parent's church. It's called Sonshine Playground. It's fabulous, and the boys love it! We tried to go this summer but the bees were terrible, and I spent most of my time running in and out of different parts of the playground to rescue one of my screaming children from a bee that had them cornered. :) My mom and dad kept the boys for me Friday so I could have some time with my B and took them to the playground. Ever since they've been chomping at the bit to go back. I didn't tell them we were going yesterday and instead just pulled in the parking lot on our way home. They were so excited!

We played on the monkey bars and such:

Made silly faces in the silly mirrors:

Naturally we had to find sticks and stuff:

And small spaces to crawl in:

The boys were even more excited when this silver fox showed up:
That's my dad, a/k/a Granddaddy. He came bearing three beautiful pumpkins from The Fresh Market for us to carve and decided to stay and play a while. Let me stop for a moment and talk about that hair of his:

He's being a bit of a rebel and decided not to cut it. I LOVE it!!!!!!!! My mom, well... not so much! Stand your ground, Jack! You're a fox! Sorry, mom! ;)

I love seeing my dad with my boys. And my boys think he hung the moon!

We ended the day with a little of this:

G LOVES homework. I feel quite sure when he's in Jr. High he won't still be thinking how great homework is, so I better post this now. :) Bethany got her report card last week and made all A's - nothing below a 96 to be exact! How great is that! She's one in a million! I'm so proud of you, Umby, and I love you so much! You never cease to amaze me! Grant got his very first report card yesterday and had all S's and +'s, plus got another Certificate of Achievement in conduct. I'm so proud of those two!

Today is supposed to be just as beautiful so carving pumpkins outside is on the agenda. Happy Fall!

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Ford Family said...

Happy Fall!! Mackenzie and Davis love that playground, too...their Aunt Heather has taken them there too!! :)