Thursday, October 20, 2011


Some random light-heartedness...

Grant came home yesterday with a web address for the Alabama Virtual Library. They use it at school, so he was anxious to show me when he got home. He thought it was so neat you could type anything in the search box and it would bring up different resources. Thankfully he doesn't really know about the google yet as there are some "resources" I don't wish for him to encounter. Mac, Reid and I gathered around the computer while Grant educated us. He looked up information about everything from sharks to baseball to Auburn football. One of the resources had a book with something about the year 1955. Grant said, "WHOA! 1955. Was that when you were growing up, momma?" 
Hilarious, Professor. Yet the funny thing is, he wasn't even trying to be funny. :)
This is what my kitchen table looked like after clean up the other day.
It meant we had a good afternoon. ;)
In the past I have resorted to drastic measures to cure boredom.
Remember the pies?
Amazing how much fun can be had with 3 boys and a $2 can of hair paint.
You know you wish you could be this cool on the way to preschool.

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Angie said...

You really are the funnest Mom e.v.e.r. Blue hair :) ps I just gave you an award on my blog! xxoo