Saturday, October 15, 2011


Early morning hunts for daddy...
equal sweet mornings for momma. :)

The morning was sweet, but the day has proven to be a bit more challenging.
You see, I guess Mac didn't think there was enough drama this summer in fracturing his foot and having to wear a boot.

He took it a step further and decided to fracture the same foot - different place - this time requiring a cast to help it heal.

The new electric scooter he just got for his birthday this week is the culprit. He has wrecked on it several times, and Mac being Mac makes everything a little more dangerous exciting. After I tucked the boys into bed Thursday night he came right back out crying, saying his foot was "killing" him. He tried to tell me he slipped in the bathtub. I knew that wasn't the case. He just knew the scooter was likely to go MIA if he told the truth. And it very well may. I checked out his foot, didn't see any swelling or bruising, so I tucked him back into bed and said we would check it in the morning. Around 3 a.m he got up to use the bathroom and fell trying to put weight on his foot. He sounded like the Hunchback of Notre Dame coming down the hall to our room. ;) I knew then it was likely broken. Bueller is a tough cookie.
That may be the last picture we have of said scooter.

Thankfully his orthopedist was in the office Friday morning, and they worked us in first thing. The good news was the x-ray showed the fracture from this summer to be completely healed, so the doctor feels confident a few weeks in a cast and he'll be good as new. Dr. Curtis assured me this is quite common in little boys and that he's not concerned being that they are small fractures and not major breaks. He said he sees it all the time. That may very well be the case but I sure wish Mac would slow it down a bit.

As of right now he thinks his orange cast and blue boot (the perfect combination in his eyes) are "cool."
I have a feeling the newness will wear off in a few short days, and he won't think it's quite so cool. He's a trooper, though, and is getting along just fine. However, we have strict orders to keep it clean and dry. The dry part is not a problem. The clean part? Well, we're trying. ;)
At least he still has that sweet smile. :)

Happy Saturday and War Eagle!

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shea said...

Oh, bless his cute self!