Friday, March 18, 2011


It's our last day of Spring Break. It's a beautiful, sunny and warm (actually pretty hot - which I love) day. Any sunny day with a temperature above 70° of course makes the boys shed most of their clothes and head straight for some type of water. Since actually swimming in the pool still isn't an option, what else is there to do?
Why, have a frog race in the pool of course.

But not before they tortured little ol' me. Monday night and the early part of Tuesday was rainy which meant the boys were outside as soon as the rain stopped to look for frogs. Since there never seems to be a shortage of them around here (yay me) they each found one. Again, YAY ME! Why is it fun for these boys to taunt the person who brought them into this world? Just why? But it sure is. For them anyway. After running in circles around the car and through the swing set a few hundred times to get away from them I managed to put enough space between them and me to threaten, "I'M GETTING THE PADDLE AFTER ALL THREE OF YOU IF YOU DON'T STOP RIGHT NOW."

Whew. It worked. Goodness they're seriously going to make my heart stop one day. Once they had my blood pressure at stroke level they moseyed on over to the pool to start the frog race.

Patiently waiting to see whose frog will jump in first:

This kept them entertained for over an hour. 


I don't get them. Probably never will. 

But I love trying to figure them out. :)


Ford Family said...

All I can say is EWWWWWW!!!!!

Tara said...

There's but one thing that would make me hit the pavement running. And that's a big, fat frog. I can handle the tiny ones, but I'd be threatening a paddle too if I were you!