Thursday, March 24, 2011


Alas, all good things must come to an end. Thank goodness the time change occurred while we were out for Spring Break because it has kicked our tails - all of us. I knew Monday morning would come early but I didn't think the "day" would begin before Sunday even ended. At 11 p.m. Sunday night Reid woke me up saying he didn't feel good. He was burning up with fever so I put him in bed with us and tried to go back to sleep. Between his wiggling and the fact that it's really hard for me to go back to sleep once I've been woken up, the next thing I knew Mac was joining us as well complaining of his ear. At one point Chris sat up and in a stupor from lack of sleep said, "Um, baby, I think all three boys are in bed with us." And in my own lack-of-sleep-induced stupor I think I said, "Then go put them up." Like they were puppies needing to be put back into their kennels. Grant was actually still asleep in his own bed but I guess between the wiggling, the "I'm thirsty's," and the tossing, turning, fidgeting, and kicking (ok the kicking was from me when Chris fell back asleep and started snoring) we felt sure every bed was empty but ours. It was a long, restless night and I hate it when my babies are sick, but I love the fact that it makes them want to cuddle. And they sure were cuddly. Mac is much better and the verdict is that he has some negative pressure but no infection. Mac was a very sickly baby until he had tubes put in his ears and had his tonsils and adenoids removed two years ago. His tubes have since grown out, and we're starting to see some issues with his ears once again. We may have to visit the idea of a second set of tubes but for now it's a wait and see kind of thing. Bueller is better now and was ready to get back to preschool. Reid has bronchitis and was officially diagnosed with asthma. I've known he's had it for a while, but we just got the official diagnoses. So like Professor, he's on preventive medication twice a day. I'm not happy about it. I also don't like seeing him get winded so easily or cough when he runs around and plays which then makes him start wheezing. So for now we'll follow doctor's orders but I'm already in search of an alternative to steroids. Turbo's still hanging with me until he's fever-free which has yet to happen.

We had a fun weekend. Really fun. And now that it's almost the weekend again I figured I better get to it and finish this here post.


It's a little boy's paradise, seeing big trucks with big tires jumping over and smashing cars, doing donuts (or pancakes as Turbo likes to call it because he can never remember the term is donuts), and hearing them revving their engines. To be honest I like it too. My dad took me to a monster truck show or two when I was younger, when Big Foot was big. I remember it being a ton of fun. I have so many fond memories of doing not-so-girly things with my dad:  hunting, fishing (poor guy had so many hooks to bait and fish to get off since we wouldn't do it ourselves that he rarely got to fish himself), watching bull riding on t.v., watching Discovery Channel with him on Wednesdays while my mom was at choir practice. I hope things like this are making the same type memories for our children.

Headed to the show:

Bueller protecting those ears:

If only I could do my camera justice. :)

As a parent, I DESPISE souvenirs at things like this. 

This stupid "hat" (I can't believe Professor actually put it on), made of foam and torn up before we even left, was $15. Really? That's why we only got one of them. It was sold with cotton candy, though, so it was SO worth it. HA! Chris knows we can't get just one of anything so he told them we would look at t-shirts on our way out. Not only was the smallest one ginormous but they also started at $25.00/ea. He looked at the boys and said, "Hey guys, do you just want to skip getting a shirt and I'll give y'all each $10 to put in your wallets?"

YEAAAAHHHHHHHH!! Thanks, daddy!!

SCORE!! Chris, my love, you are a genius. 

Take a look at the picture below?

No, I wasn't taking a picture of random people. I was trying to get a picture of that big spot light. Or biscuit shooter if you ask Reid with his wild imagination. Or maybe it doubles as both. Before the show Reid was looking around and saw it. He pointed to it and said, "Oh, look momma, that thing shoots biscuits out."

I have no idea.


My mom was here bright and early Saturday morning to get the boys. She was headed to Selma to visit my grandmother, aunt and uncle and asked to take the boys with her. We worked it out for them to spend the night with her and dad so I could have a little break and Chris and I could have some much-needed alone time. Many thanks, Mimi and Granddaddy. It was fabulous. We rode the motorcycle to the lake and had dinner at a restaurant on the lake. We couldn't have ordered more perfect weather.


After early church and Sunday school the boys were back home. It was another day of perfect weather. I said a post or two back that swimming was still out of the question. My children proved me wrong. Those crazy cats went swimming.

Don't let the pictures fool you, though. They didn't last too long and were little popsicles when they came out. Turbo especially was. He can't quite handle the cold water like his brothers can. Each time he would jump in and come out of the water he would lose his breath a little. He had my mom and I in stitches every time he would do it. But he still hung right in there with them. I took a little video of him with my phone although I'm not sure how much you can tell from it.

The ONLY thing I dislike about this weather is that the bugs are back. Big time. Thankfully Grant, a/k/a Billy the Exterminator, came to my rescue. 
Chris and I typically plant our garden after Good Friday. Being that March has been pretty warm for the most part, it's made us a little more anxious for tomatoes. We have a separate garden just for tomatoes, but we always plant a few plants in plastic drums. They're not very pretty but the plants usually do quite well. We have been blessed with great tomato crops in the past but late in the season last year we were plagued with blight in our "tomato garden." We like to do the ones in individual containers as a back up. 

The boys were very interested in helping this year so we took them up on it. Um, are there any child labor laws I need to be aware of? Because they worked their little fingers to the bone. HA!
They loved every minute of it. Well, Grant and Mac did anyway. Reid decided he would keep an eye out for any predators that might come our way. Again, the imagination.
Grant loved learning how to use one of daddy's power tools.
Bueller just likes to help.

By the end of the day...
 that's how we all felt. haha

TGIAF! In case you didn't know, that's "thank goodness it's almost Friday." :)


Ford Family said...

Fun! Fun! Fun..all of it! :)

The Sewell Family said...

Brian and I will be using the 'money in the wallet' trick. Smart Chris! Glad everyone is getting better! Love ya!

Tara said...

Do you hire the boys out? We could put them to work! Ha! I'm bad about using money as bribery. Just the other night I caught myself saying, "first one to sleep gets a dollar in the morning."