Thursday, March 3, 2011


I don't know who did it but if I find out I'm gonna wring their neck.

Okay not really. I'm kidding. But whoever did do it almost caused my heart to fall out of my butt so it seems some retaliation is warranted.

One of Bethany's flip flops has been peeking at me from under the coffee table since Sunday. It is now Thursday. It taunts me every time I walk past it yet picking it up just seems entirely too difficult. The other shoe is not visible which means I’ll have to get down on the floor to look under the coffee table and couch to find it. As in on my knees. Painful and unpretty. It’s painful because my knees ache at the mere thought of it (though I‘m sure not as much as yours do, Geri, errr Martha). It’s also painful because it forces me to come face to face with the dust bunnies and fallen crumbs under said furniture which then is going to cause me to have to sweep then swiffer then probably swiffer wet to get it all up because I'm OCD like that.



However, apparently between the beautiful weather and my white chocolate mocha, it put me in the mood to be productive and put those shoes away. So I bent down and got the peek-a-boo shoe. I felt around without having to get all the way on the floor but...

No shoe. So I got down on the floor and looked all the way under the coffee table...

No shoe.

So I crawled around between the coffee table and couch to look under the couch.  Only I didn't look first.  I looked while simultaneously sticking my hand under there to feel for the shoe.


No, not the other shoe. A giant fake spider I didn't know was fake at the time I touched and saw it.

It was hard to get a good picture but you get my drift.

Heavens to Betsy I seriously don't know how I'm even still breathing, and I'm sure my language was a bit colorful.  Oh how I hate bugs, hate hate hate them. I hate even more thinking I've touched one. When the weather gets warmer we start seeing some spiders. I've seen a few already, and while we haven't seen any quite that large we've seen some that would come in a close second.

Everyone is mum's the word on the whodunit part. Which means the fake-but-looks-real-if-placed-correctly snake they have which they haven't played with in a while and which they probably forgot they have may need to come out of hiding soon. :)

Oh, and the other shoe? I totally forgot about looking for it after that. Oooh, but that gives me an idea about the snake. heehee

We love American Idol. Usually. It's definitely not the same without Simon but at least Randy is still around, and I love Jennifer Lopez. Steven Tyler gets on Chris' nerves but I think he's quite entertaining. We don't watch much of it in the very beginning because all the audition stuff gets silly and monotonous. Now that they've begun with the top 24 we're tuning back in. I just have one question:  Is it painful for anyone else to watch some of these people try to sing? Because some of them are so terrible it's hard to watch and listen. The boys like to watch too, so we all were watching it together the other night. One of them was performing when Mac said, "Who is she? And what is she doing?"

It was the guy's night.

"She" was the guy named Brett something with the red hair. He sang "Light My Fire" but would have been better suited singing Willow Smith's, "I whip my hair back and forth. I whip my hair back and forth."

I like different, though. And he's definitely that. Time will tell I guess. We missed the girls last night so I'm anxious to see what tonight brings. Our evening will consist of baseball, then whipping something up for dinner, followed by American Idol, then we'll put the kids to bed and round out the evening with today's DVR'd episode of Y & R. I mean, does life really get any better than that? HA! :)

A sure sign our children are living in a world of technology:  I was reading the local newspaper that comes every Wednesday. There's not much to it. In fact, it's usually something I quickly read while sitting in the carpool line. But I enjoy reading about local events and such. Obviously Grant has been oblivious to this as well as to all the times I've used old ones to cover the table when we paint, craft, etc. Yesterday while sitting at the table with Professor as he finished up homework I picked up the newspaper to read. He looked at the paper, then at me, then again at the paper and with a puzzled look says, "That's a newspaper? I didn't know they still made those."
I wonder, if he saw one, if he would know what a cassette tape is. Wait... do they still make those???

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Ford Family said...

I would have done the exact same thing if I would have seen that spider! ha!