Thursday, September 2, 2010


I win it. Hands down I win it! 

We all remember Reid's bat to the mouth incident, right!?! Then you may or may not remember that not only did it get his top front teeth but on the upswing broke off one of his bottom teeth. The nerve was exposed so they bonded it, and it's been a wait-and-see kind of thing. It tends to be a bit sensitive now and then so on his last check-up I asked them to make sure things looked okay with that tooth. They looked it over well and even did an x-ray to make sure the root looked okay. They reassured me the tooth actually seems to have improved and that it's just going to be sensitive for a while. They said to treat it with Motrin when the sensitivity flares up but other than that, he should be good. 

Let me preface this by saying Reid has moved on from saying "hee" for here to saying "HUR" for here and everything else that has that sound. Like when he's pointing to something and says, "It's right thar." Or when his brothers won't share something and he says, "I want that truck and Mac won't shar." Or when he likes to wash his own hair and says, "Mommy, is the soap out my har?" Hilarious. 

Ok, back to my MOTY status. Reid can be a bit dramatic. So this morning when he came up to me in our morning rush of getting us all ready and out of the house on time and in his sweet little redneck, hick voice said, "Mommy, my tooth huts wight hur," pointing to that tooth, I replied with, "Aww, does it? Well it'll be better soon," glancing so as to see which tooth he was talking about but not giving it much more thought than that. And it seemed to satisfy him for the time being so we went about our business.

About 20 minutes later we get in the car headed to take Grant to school and again Reid says, "Mommy, that tooth weally huts."

Knowing I had one dose of Motrin stashed away in the car I said, "When we get to your school I'll give you some Motrin to help and it'll be ALL better soon." All the while STILL not giving it much merit and my answer still managing to satisfy him. 

Yet again as we pull into the Kiddie Kollege parking lot Reid says, "Mama, it's still not 'bettoo' [better]," and points to the tooth. 

As I'm getting out of the car to get him out I say, "OK, Reid, I'm getting the Motrin right this second." [Insert dismissive-while-still-trying-to-pacify-you tone]. When I get around to his side to unbuckle him I take a quick look at the tooth, and the bonding (or so I thought) had come off. It was flapping every time he moved his tongue, exposing the nerve. 

Me:  "OH MY GOODNESS, REID, Mommy's SO sorry. It REALLY IS hurt, isn't it! Sit back, we're headed to Dr. Cumbus' office right now so they can fix it."

Reid:  "I told you. It was just a beepin' and a beepin' and a beepin'." 

He meant throbbing. As if that weren't enough, the story doesn't end there. Oh no. Adding insult to injury, at the dentist office they called me back to let me know HE FRACTURED THE DAMN THING.

Thank you, thank you. I'll accept my award now. Boy do I have some major sucking-up to do to this handsome little devil:
Oh, and the tooth is fixed. Again. For now.

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