Friday, April 2, 2010


That's what I feel I'm running out of my house these days. By Wednesday of this week, we had made a visit to the pediatrician's office as well as an after-hours visit to the dentist.

Grant had been sick for a few days, had missed a couple days of school, and wasn't getting any better. I guess not. He had strep throat, pneumonia, and was diagnosed with mild asthma. So we were sent home with antibiotics, oral steroids, and a nebulizer for breathing treatments. Can you tell he doesn't much like the breathing treatments?

But he's a trooper. And they have helped. Hopefully after today we will be done with those. We go back next week for a re-check, and he will likely be put on an inhaler for his asthma. It's a very mild form, though, so his doctor doesn't anticipate further problems from it.


We had batting practice for Grant's team here Wednesday afternoon. Chris was down at the batting cage helping with practice. I was in my bathroom getting ready to go to a service at my mom and dad's church. Grant's doctor said no school or baseball the rest of the week, so he and Reid were going to church with me. Mac wanted to hang with daddy. Reid and Grant were both dressed and were to stay in the house with me until I finished getting dressed. Well, Reid didn't want to stay in the house. He wanted to join in the fun at the batting cage. So, Reid being Reid, took it upon himself to head down there. This is what happened:

A little boy was hitting off the tee, and Reid walked right into his swinging bat. Chris saw it coming and yelled for the kid not to swing, but he didn't hear him and Chris couldn't get to Reid in time. Chris said the sound was horrific. Chris ran in the house with Reid, his face covered in blood. It was hard to tell what all was hurt, but I knew there had been tooth damage. I scooped him up, put him in the car, and was headed for the emergency room. Half-way there I prayed for the Lord to give me wisdom (as well as strength because I was  a mess and of course Reid was) and also guidance that I could know how to handle the situation. It then hit me that we didn't need the ER, we needed his dentist. I called the after-hours line, and within five minutes his dentist was calling me. He said to head to his office, that he would meet me there. Dr. Cumbus, Dentistry for Children, is our dentist, and I cannot say enough great things about him and his staff. They went above and beyond.

Reid was such a big boy! He has one tooth on the bottom that was broken off. He discovered that the nerve was exposed on that one so they covered that tooth, and it will be a wait-and-see on it. It may need further treatment on down the road. His top four front teeth are all loose and have shifted a bit, and there is a big gash in the gum above those four teeth. He decided not to stitch the gash because he's so young, and the mouth heals fast anyway. X-rays showed that no damage was done to the roots so after the gum heals, he's optimistic those four teeth will tighten back up. And while it may not look it, it was actually a good thing his lip took the brunt of it. It truly is amazing how fast he is healing from this. He's already eating and drinking pretty much what he wants.

I'm so thankful it was just his mouth. It will heal. This situation could've been tragic if he would've been hit in another place. It's things like this that remind me just how precious life is. We all sat down as a family that night and talked about the importance of obeying, among other things. Chris and I also took a step back and looked at ourselves. Most of the time doing that isn't so pleasant but is necessary. :) There were lessons learned by everyone!

Reid had many many prayer warriors praying for him after this happened, and I know without a doubt that's why the outcome has been so positive. The power of prayer is amazing. It's humbling. We're very grateful. Thankful. Blessed. God is good.

And what about Mac? Well, for the most part he's fine. It's just he has his daddy's blood-makes-me-want-to-throw-up weak stomach, so he went to bed nauseated that night. :)

Be back with more soon. Daddy's next project is in the works:


Ford Family said...

Oh my goodness, you have had a week my friend! Bless all your babies hearts, keeping all of you in my prayers! hope Grant gets well soon and that Reid has a speedy recovery!! xoxo

Thin Mint :0) said...

Glad he has big lips! ;) If that had been me I would have NO teeth left. Elmo prizes will be on the way very soon!!! Love you much P Fat!!