Thursday, September 9, 2010


And without heeding my warning that it's just like mommy's mouthwash and it's going to burn your tongue (because, you know, I couldn't possibly know what I'm talking about), Mac decided he wanted to try a Listerine PocketPak strip anyway. Between my laughing hysterically, trying to grab my camera to capture that face and his getting out of the chair with lightning speed, sprinting to the bathroom to get a cup of water, this was the best picture I could get. But I'll always have a mental picture of that first expression when he realized I was right.

One more for me because I don't want to forget:

I've been trying to get my kids to appreciate the value of a dollar because well, they're spoiled, as most kids are. But I was beginning to feel they were getting to the "I'm entitled" mindset, and I'm not ok with that. So when Mac asked me for a dollar the other day I said no, that he needed to earn it. He helped with some  chores without being asked the other day and with a cheerful attitude so I surprised him with a dollar. He takes the dollar, smells it and says, "Mama, I LOVE the smell of money!" 

Not quite the reaction I was hoping for. But I do think he appreciated it. :) 


Tara said...

Oh no, I bet he'll listen next time! And I'm with you on the earning money thing. Towns was saving up for a DS until J found one that had been left in a rental car. She's still having to save up to buy everything that goes with it, though. Cate's already learning...she plunders around everywhere to find money just because it's fun to drop in her piggy bank. She and Mac are on the same page...he likes the way it smells and she likes the jingle it makes! And I'm finding that they're much less eager to spend it when it's money they've saved up on their own! :)

Ford Family said...

Haha! sometimes they have to learn the hard way! ;)

Ali said...

ahhh... the blissful ignorance of childhood, when you thought money smelled good instead of thinking of all of the thousands of NASTY places that that dollar bill has possibly been...