Monday, September 13, 2010


Because mine started with this:
I hate Mondays.

Actually, no I don't. I love Mondays because it means our schedule that we let fly out the window on weekends begins again. School is in session, and I can actually take a breath, get my housework caught up (if only for a bit), and use the bathroom without having to run in, pushing children out as I hurry to close and lock the door behind me. :)

I have so much to post recapping our weekend, but first things first.

Fall baseball has started for Grant and Mac. Wetumpka doesn't have a fall ball league; however, Chris found out you can get a team together from Wetumpka and join the Millbrook league. Of course we were interested and were fortunate enough to be put into contact with some great people who were hoping for the same. So between all of us we were able to get a Wetumpka team together. Last week was their first game and I'm happy to report we won! This is where I probably should say something like it's not about winning as long as they had fun. But after having a team in the spring that taught us a lesson or two or three or four or five or six about losing with grace I  must say, LOSING SUCKS - WINNING IS FUN!

My little sluggers:

And I couldn't resist this one:

The boys and I headed to Decatur Friday to see Sissy in action at her pep rally. We had the pleasure of spending some time with two mini Decatur cheerleaders:
Don't worry, they weren't separated like that for long. You can see Juvy setting her sights on Reid. I do believe Turbo has met his match!

And I think my boys are smitten with this beauty:

Almost all of my pictures of B are blurry, but considering we were in an oven a HOT gym filled to the brim with high schoolers while trying to keep five children from falling off the bleachers (we were successful with 4 - the day wouldn't have been complete of course without Reid taking a tumble) during a pep rally no less, I'm just happy I had a few turn out and that my camera made it out of there in one piece - as well as the kids.

My heart always skips a beat with this one:
You're big-time, baby girl! So proud of you! I love you! 

And Umby, in this one are you asking Country Girl, "Where are we going?" HAAAAAA!


Tara said...

Awww, how cute are they?! Cate keeps asking me if the boys can live with us. I told her they'd probably miss you if they moved up here. You know her - she's got an answer for everything and it's that you can come too! :)

Ford Family said...

Bethany is beautimous!!!