Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In some way or another all of those fit into our weekend.

Friday Chris was invited to go dove hunting with a friend. All three boys usually want to tag along, and Chris is very sweet about letting them. In fact, he really enjoys sharing things he loves with the boys in hopes they will gain a love for it as well, and it will be something they can enjoy together. This time, though, Grant decided he wanted to stay home with me. To what did I owe this honor you ask? I have no idea, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

In full Professor style, first up on the agenda was playing school. He was well, the professor of course. 

He also had a no cell phone rule in his classroom. He confiscated mine and put it away in "my locker." 

He did walk over and whisper in my ear, "If it really rings I'll get it for you." :)

Grant also loves a good pillow fight. Don't be fooled by his usual kind-hearted nature. He's very strong and very competitive, both which make for a very good pillow-fighter.  Get a look at that face. He's in it to win it.

And win he did. He submitted me. I had to TapOut!

We also played a game or two of Hangman. Only a game or two because we both got a bit frustrated. Do you see my man about to be hung? Do you see those letters he wrote? 

Those were the ones I guessed, none of which he said were in the word he chose. It's been a while since I've been in school but I know he doesn't really know how to spell any words with "y" in it just yet and therefore knew that any word he did choose must contain one of the vowels I guessed. Again, all of which he said were NOT in the word. After me explaining myself, he takes one more look at the blank spaces for his word and goes, "OHHHHHHH." He hates to be wrong. Hates it! So that was the end of Hangman.

We read a little, talked a lot. It's Grant we're talking about so of course he asked a million and one questions about anything and everything. He is very curious and eager at all times to learn about anything. It's something I dearly love about him yet at the same time something that can drive me nuts. I run out of answers a lot sooner than he runs out of questions. :) Then we took it outside to wait on our little hunters to get home. It is my mission to make more one-on-one time with each of my children. I need it as much as they do - probably more.

The official start to Mac and Reid's school was last week. It's when they kick it in gear with their curriculum and get down to business. Mac has a wonderful teacher, Ms. Rita.

Grant had her for Pre-K 4 as well, and hopefully Reid will have her next year. She's very loving but also firm which is exactly what Mackey needs. They have a precious graduation ceremony at the end of the year, and when they "graduate" they are well prepared for Kindergarten. We are very blessed to have found Kiddie Kollge and love everyone there. They're like family.

Mackey's class made bird feeders Friday with peanut butter and bird seed, and he was quite excited to get home and put it out. 

I think he found the perfect spot:

I'm sure I'm of the minority when I say this, but I absolutely love that it's nearing the end of September and we can still enjoy swimming and snow cones:

I love to randomly snap pictures as they're playing then upload the pictures and see what I was able to get. I thought this one was funny. He looks like a fountain:


You should know by now Turbo doesn't like clothes. And that means swimsuits.

We also found time this weekend to make it to the Spirit Halloween store in Montgomery. If there is one near you it is a must if you love Halloween like we do. I could've spent hours in that store. I think Chris and I enjoyed it more than the boys. And although Chris and I both had in our minds what we wanted the boys to be this year, we both needed to be reminded Halloween IS for the kids and to let them be what they wanted. :) So while Chris' dream of his three little ghouls scaring all the kids in the neighborhood (and probably each other) has been shattered along with mine of 3 little Harley riders complete with faux-leather vests with patches, fake ponytails, do rags and tattoos, everyone left happy with their choice. And that's what it's all about.

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