Friday, January 8, 2010


Wait, it's winter. But school is out - you know, all that snow that was coming our way. :) And for some reason Alice Cooper is still stuck in my head. Random. Maybe that's why I have a migraine - first one in well over a year. Anyway, there's no time to be sick when you're a mommy so you press on. There is no snow but it's still entirely too cold and windy to be outside so this is what we've been up to today:

First were the piggy banks. This was the best $3 ever spent!

Next we decided it would be fun to use the desks Grandmama Norton found for us at an auction to make a snowman. I love these desks. One of the many advantages of volunteering to help Grant's teacher with crafts (she has 24 students): Gaining a few ideas since I'm lacking in the creativity and craft department.

Mr. Perfect:

Mr. Just-get-it-done:

Mr. I'm-going-to-do-it-my-way:

The Snowmen:

AND Reid's masterpiece:

We played with a few puzzles:
And a few more:

Then it was time to grab some candy, lay in the floor and watch Up:
And can I just say the beginning of that movie makes me ill every time I watch it. Why does it have to be so sad? I really didn't enjoy explaining the loss of a baby as well as the death of a spouse within the first few minutes of a cartoon. Please, Disney, make us a movie that isn't sad!

Wish you were here, Boo! You have your own piggy bank waiting to be painted when you get here - aren't you SO excited! :)


Bethany said...

Look at your Miss Crafty!!! (: Looks like the boys had fun painting and making snowmen! It is 17 degrees here! Can you believe that? Can't wait to paint my piggy bank! (:

Tara said...

Those old shirts did come in handy, huh?! I love that they're getting some use out of them. I can't believe you put Grant in the reindeer without putting another shirt over it, though...HA! :) We have an old desk and I've put it away until the girls are old enough to really play with it. If my memory serves me correctly, B's logged some hours with it! You know her and how she loved (had to make that past tense to save her pride) playing school!

Ford Family said...

Well...rachel might just have to call you martha, jr with all your crafts!! :)

Martha said...

When ever you need a craft me. I have SO many cool ones with stuff you have at home. Shaving cream, glue, karo syrup, food coloring...etc. Sounds fun already, huh? I CAN NOT lose the Martha title!! ;) Love you much Annie!