Thursday, December 31, 2009


We were so busy over the Christmas Holidays it didn't leave much time for blogging. I want to post a few things so I'll be able to look back and remember them. If I don't do it now, my memory will fade over time and I will wish I had.

Baking cookies at Mimi's house - we've done it a few times but decided we want to make it a tradition from now on. M & M (Mac and Mags) couldn't have cared less about baking cookies. Reid put his two cents in toward the end. But Grace and Grant were in it for the long haul. Umby, we missed you! The next day was Christmas with my mom and dad. Mom, I know it wasn't exactly how we thought it was going to be, but what a blessing it is!

Get away from me with that camera, woman:


So serious:

Taste test:

B, do you recognize Mags' shirt:

The cookie monsters:

Those two had a lot of fun with it! (and so did Grant and GaGa - HA!)

Meems gettin' some lovin':


After a day of baking:

The pictures taken at my mom's were with her camera and Rachel's camera, and Santa kept my camera a secret until I was cleaning up from the tornado (a/k/a/my kiddos) that came through our living room Christmas morning. By the time I got it, it was time to get ready to leave to share my baby girl with the rest of her family, so there aren't many of her unfortunately. But Tara took some really cute ones of her at Grandmommy's house Christmas afternoon so I borrowed one - hope you don't mind, Tink! Bethany, you better get ready because I don't like not having many pictures of you. You're going to be seeing a Nikkon lens more than my face when you're here from now on. :) I loved this one:

We were excited to spend Christmas afternoon with Chris' family. His mom and dad came:

And Haylie:

And Grey:

And thank goodness for Uncle Donnie and Aunt Rae. Without them our toys may never get put together! :)

And what better way to conclude the Norton Christmas Festivities than with a bottle of Santa's Butt:

This week we headed to Selma for Christmas with my grandmother and also to celebrate her 80th birthday. 80 years - wow!

Not sure what that look's all about but...

Mi padres:

Such a celebration means time spent with family we don't get to see much:

And some I can never get enough of:

I'm so glad you're ok, Martha! God is so good!

You are my hiding place;
you will protect me from trouble
and surround me with songs of deliverance.
Psalm 32:7

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