Saturday, December 19, 2009


Santa can just bring the boys a few large boxes and they'll be good to go! I doubt that would actually work Christmas morning though. Another rainy day yesterday meant we had to be creative in finding something the boys could do inside. This is not an easy task with boys. Grant saw a diaper box in a corner in the kitchen and asked if he could have it. I could see those wheels turning. He asked if I had anymore boxes so we scrounged up a couple more (I never throw boxes away - there's always a need for a box), and this is how they played with them. Guess what they are...

They're bears in hibernation. I was mama bear who didn't get to hibernate because I was out gathering food for all my cubs (a/k/a/ Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper and strawberry fruit roll ups). I thought it was pretty creative. You can see Grant and Mac were all the way covered with their boxes. Obviously Reid takes after me in the claustrophobia department because this is about as much as he would stay covered:
May your days be merry and bright even on yucky, rainy ones! :)

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Bethany said...

Oh that Reid!!!! (: Love the idea! But on a day that you would need them to play with those boxes they probably wouldn't!!! Who in the world made your blog so cute? Oh thats right, me! (: I'm still lovin it!