Friday, December 4, 2009


Chris has been in Laredo, TX since early Wednesday morning on a hunting trip with some friends hoping to bag a trophy buck. He is scheduled to be back either late tomorrow or Sunday, and it cannot come soon enough for me. The whole family dynamic is thrown off without him here, our schedule is disrupted, and well, it just sucks. We miss him. I miss him! The boys have pushed the limits about as much as they ever have - it's like they know I'm at their mercy because I'm way outnumbered. It feels like I've played referee more so than mom. They were really testing MY limits the other night and I had enough. I yelled, "EVERYONE JUST GO TO YOURS ROOMS - I WILL BE IN THERE IN A MINUTE TO DEAL WITH YOU." Grant looks up at me with his bottom lip quivering and said, "Mommy, you're making my heart hurt." {Insert knife to heart.} I'm reading Joyce Meyer's book, Managing Your Emotions, because I tend to let mine manage me, and all I could do was say, Ok Lord, I get it. I plopped on the floor right then and there and we all had a moment. :) Then we piled on the couch to watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It hasn't all been bad! We're making it! RaRa and Mags stopped by today for a bit. RaRa even brought us all a Happy. Having a cup of hot chocolate with Martha by the fire chatting while the kids played was just what the doctor ordered! But we are ready for daddy to be home!

In Jasper news, this is where the boys last found him:

On a pendant light in the kitchen with a note attached telling the boys to look in their stockings. Jasper left them these:

We called RaRa and told her what Jasper had done. Reid talked to her and said, "I got Chissmas." He calls Santa Christmas. However, because the boys' behavior has been less than desirable, Jasper decided to stay put for a while in his current spot. The boys are hoping it's because he doesn't want to report naughty behavior to Santa and is giving them another chance as opposed to it being that naughty behavior has caused him to lose his magic. We'll see.

Chris texted me today asking me to take some pictures of us and send them to him - guess he's missing us too. ;) Just thought I'd post a few of us playing around.

Have a great weekend!

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