Monday, August 17, 2009


There hasn't been a whole lot of that going on lately so it's nice when it does. This is for one of our spec houses. I know I'm a little partial (ok a lot) but my man builds a great house. I don't think there are many around here that can compare to the type house he builds. His attention to detail is like no other. Here are some pictures of our latest spec house (and, as always, please excuse my picture-taking abilities as they suck!):

Although this is one of the "smaller" ones we've built (about 1800 sq. ft.), his signature mark on houses is always the trimwork/crown moulding. He likes a lot of wood. We also do the hardwood floors. I love the floors in this house! They were left natural and turned out beautiful. Chris was born to do this. He has a God-given talent, a gift.

We build-to-sell every two years, and our two years is this year. And while I will miss the house we're in right now (I hated it when we first moved in - thought it was too big and too "cold" but have grown to really love it and appreciate it's beauty and uniqueness), I'm ready to see that "SOLD" sign in our front yard!

On to other news. Grant started Kindergarten last week. I cannot believe I don't have a picture to post. I did not have a working camera and had to pull a "Louise" and get myself a trusty disposable camera. I hope they turn out. I will admit the element of surprise of getting those pictures developed is fun! I kinda miss that. He did so very good. I'm so proud of him! Chris and I had a hard time with him starting (just couldn't believe our baby was already starting big school) but he has done so well it made the transition easier. Listen to me, Grant starts school and I'm talking about the transition for Chris and me. :) We love his teacher too, PTL! I am not one to request teachers. I've never done that with Bethany and I won't start now. I pray about it and trust that the Lord will put them with the right teacher. And I've never been disappointed.

This weekend was a great one. I left the laundry and dishes alone and just enjoyed my kids. That's hard to do sometimes but I'm sure glad I did. Chris took his M-L-C Mobile (story for another post), "mid-life crisis mobile," a/k/a this:

To the beach with a friend for a little guy's weekend. Nothing like a good bromantic get-away with two men on their MLC Mobiles! :) And he deserved it! And the kids and I enjoyed a weekend of take-out (which we rarely do) movies, and junk food! It was one of those weekends where we all just wanted to relax, stay in the AC (because there aren't many days we choose to stay indoors), and veg out in front of the TV. Bethany and I ate, laughed, ate, watched movies, ate, played with the boys, ate, went to bed, ate, woke up, ate. Needless to say, we put down some food! :) I think it was just what we both needed to end a rather challenging week. I had a ton of fun, Umby! I love and miss you!

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