Monday, August 24, 2009


Oh wait, I did. Well Friday was far from boring. It started with one of our dogs, Nate, not acting quite right. This is Nate:

He's a hybrid - 50% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/50% Bichon Frise - called a Cavachon. Just a glorified mutt, really. He's hypoallergenic which we had to have because of Grant and Reid's allergies. He's really a sweet dog and is great with the kids, but I do understand why my mom didn't let us have them growing up. He's just another "child" to take care of. But he has become part of the family and we love him (except when he makes a chew toy out of my shoes!). So back to Friday. He was acting a little strange so I reached down to pet him and saw some blood on his back. I took him in the kitchen to check it out and it was a gaping hole. It's off to the vet we go to get that taken care of. We think it was likely a dog bite. Nate likes everyone and is friendly with other dogs to the point of being annoying. Our neighbors' dogs do not care for Nate, and we think one of them was letting him know it.

Grant's class read The Gingerbread Man Friday, and they made a big "gingerbread man" out of sugar cookie dough. Since I live a minute (literally) from his school, his teacher asked if I would come get the gingerbread man and cook it. Our plan was for me to call her on her cell after I got him home and tell her he ran away then sneak him back in while they kids were at P.E. I bring it home, make the "he ran away" call, and decide to go ahead and cook it just in case it didn't turn out. Well, that was one big cookie, and when I cooked it, it all turned to one big, ugly blob. I decided to make a run to the store for more cookie dough to make another smaller one. They couldn't have an ugly Gingerbread Man, right! I had just enough time. As I made my way out of my subdivision, I got behind a cement truck - not unusual around here being that there is a good bit of construction going on. The cement truck gets in the left lane, ALL the way in the left lane, and I "assume" he's turning left. Being that there are mostly county roads around here, it is also not unusual for those type trucks to get in the left lane to turn left. I had my entire lane open so although he had not turned left yet, he was in that lane so I proceeded ahead so as to drive beside him. Only he wasn't turning left. He was actually getting that far over to make a sharp right turn, didn't see me, and turned literally right on top of me. We weren't going that fast and my airbags didn't even deploy, but it did some damage. We'll find out just how much today. The van was towed to the body shop. Not to mention it scared the crap out of me. Thankfully none of the kids were with me. I can't imagine how terrifying that would have been for them. That truck had a full load of concrete so a couple more feet here or one of us going a little faster and the results would have been much different. I'm ok, just really sore. I was a bit sidelined for the weekend. But I'm better today than I was yesterday, and I'm sure tomorrow will be better than today. I'm just really thankful it wasn't worse than it was and that the kids weren't with me. The van can be fixed.

BTW, the Gingerbread Man made it safely back to Grant's class, albeit a little late. They looked for him all over the school a bit longer than everyone thought it would take to find him. I trimmed him up to look more like a gingerbread man and "followed his crumbs" (a/k/a the trimmings I put in a ziploc bag) to find him. They devoured the thing and his crumbs, so all was good! Grant's mom and dad saved the day! :)

Friday ended with my sister and two nieces coming to my parent's for a visit. Any time RaRa, GaGa and Mags come my boys count down the minutes, literally, until they get here (I do that myself!). Add to that the visit being at Mimi and Granddaddy's, and they can hardly contain themselves. Thanks for letting Grant and Mac spend the night. And thanks, mom, for coming to get us a little early being that I am temporarily without a vehicle. You saved my sanity! :) They are already talking about "next time." Martha, you make me laugh and I love every chance I get to see you and my girls. I wish we could see each other more often!

I'll close for now with a few more pics:

Don't you just want to pinch it!!

Reid trying to escape me putting a "dipey"
on him - how dare I cover up his manhood
so that he can't keep his hand on it!

Grant trying to hide from the camera -Too slow for the Mommy Monster, G-Man!

No caption needed!

I'm working on Reminiscing Part 2 - found some goodies at my parent's. Shea, do you remember meeting Bethany for the first time???

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