Sunday, August 9, 2009


I love donuts - could eat my weight in Krispy Kreme (the plain ol' glazed ones). But it isn't just Krispy Kreme. I pretty much love ALL donuts. And who doesn't love the white powdered ones! Well I have a little twist on them. Put donuts on a cookie sheet (sprayed with Pam) and put them in your broiler until they start bubbling and you see the sugar starting to melt. Flip them over and do the other side just like it. Do not leave them, watch them the entire time because it literally only takes a minute or so per side, and they burn easy. Let them cool just for a minute and indulge. They are so delicious! Think combination of white donuts and funnel cake! I love them, Umby loves them, the boys love them. Yummy!

Something else yummy and easy are flour tortilla pizzas. It's fun to get the kids in on this one. They can make their own. Take flour tortillas, spread on your favorite pizza sauce (I use Ragu pizza sauce) leaving a little space around the edges for your "crust", top with pepperoni and cheese (or whatever you wish), put on a cookie sheet, and place in 425° oven until cheese is melted and tortilla is a little crunchy. This is a favorite with my kids and so so easy.

We've had a nice, relaxing weekend. UFC 101 was last night, and that always brings a lot of fun - good times with good friends and, as always, good food! :) We also watched Transformers and I must admit, I just don't get what all the fuss is about. Megan Fox may be beautiful but she can't act and gets on my last nerve. The movie was just dumb to me. But I mainly watched it because the boys have been wanting to see it and they enjoyed it, so it was worth it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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