Thursday, August 27, 2009


It was bugging Chris all summer that Grant is 5 and didn't know how to ride his bicycle without training wheels. Chris said he swears he learned to ride his without training wheels when he was "like 3". I seriously doubt it but, we'll let him keep thinking that. Chris worked with him a few times on it this summer, but Grant lacks in the patience department. Can't imagine where he gets that!?! Well Chris came home the other day and told Grant he saw Stone (a little boy in Grant's class - yes, that's his real name) riding his bicycle without training wheels. That's all he said. Grant said, "You saw Stone? Riding his bicycle? Without training wheels?" Chris said, "Yes, Grant - without training wheels." The conversation went no further. I guess Grant really started thinking about it and did not like it one bit that one of his friends knew how to do something he didn't. So the next day, which was Tuesday, Grant went to Chris and said, "Daddy, will you take my training wheels off my bike and teach me how to ride it?" This is Grant on his second day (yesterday) of riding without training wheels (and please excuse our ever-obnoxious lab barking at our neighbor's horses in the background):

Isn't that great! I'm so proud of the G-Man! He can can hardly wait to get home every day so he can ride it. He even will get on it in the morning if we have a few minutes to spare.

And about our lab barking, I figured out that maybe it wasn't because of the horses. Maybe it was because she saw my other two little monkeys stealing her food:
When I say I let my kids eat pretty much anything, I bet you didn't think that included dog food, huh? There aren't many things that would make me turn away a kiss from this little man:

But a mouthful of dog food is one of them! Gag!