Friday, August 7, 2009


That should stand for Possibly 90 Xcuses Chris and I have come up with for why "next week" is always a better week to start P90X. In case you don't know, P90X is an extreme home fitness training system. You work out 6 days a week for an average of an hour a day. It's a big commitment. You half-way have to be in shape to even start it, or so we're told. There are minimum requirements listed in the fitness guide. To read them, it sounds simple. To DO them, not so simple! And I'd like to think we're not in that bad of shape. For example: Think standing with your back against a wall - then slide down the wall until your body is in a seated position - your body should make a 90° angle - then hold that for 60 seconds. Sound simple? Well it's not. Chris only made it 20 seconds on his first attempt. And those 20 were grueling (and I almost wet my pants from laughing so hard). I guess a few of those reverse lunges and donkey kicks I've been doing have paid off because I was able to hold it for 60 seconds but just barely. Chris and I laughed so hard at each other just trying to do the minimums. I can't imagine what it will be like when we actually start the program. BTW, there is a strict meal plan you are also supposed to follow while doing P90X. We won't be following that. I'm of the mindset that if I'm working out THAT hard, I'm gonna eat!

I plan on posting before and after pictures, but no "before" until there are good "after" to post. :)

As of now, we're planning to start next week. We shall see.


Martha said...

I want that SO bad! If ya'll decide to be charitable and donate it to a worthy cause-I'm available! :0)

April said...

I so wish you were close and we could do it together! Wouldn't that be the greatest! Love you much!