Monday, August 16, 2010


HAPPY 36TH BIRTHDAY to the man who drives me crazy yet keeps me sane all at the same time! :) Actually it was yesterday, the 15th, but I didn't want to take time out of our day to blog. Thank you for all you do for us! I love you! 

A look back - WAAAY back. HA HA! I'm kidding! (not really)

Saturday while my baby girl and I had a few hours of girl time which we needed and always love

these little wild men were with Meems and Granddaddy experiencing bowling (other than Wii bowling) for the very first time! 

They were so excited and had a blast. I do believe I see a bowling birthday party in Mackey's future. 


Boy does this take me back:

We live in the boonies so I never thought we would get to experience the magic that is the ice cream man with every variety of ice cream, snow-cone or popsicle known to man in his ice cream truck blaring some wacky beat of "music". It really is one of the greatest things I remember about growing up in Castlewood. We would hear him coming before he even pulled in the entrance. And because we didn't live too far from the entrance, as soon as we could hear it the race was on to scrounge up some money and make it back outside before he could get past our house. 

Being that our house sits a good ways off the road, my kids won't have exactly the same experience with it, but it's still exciting. We've been hearing it in our neighborhood in the evenings on a few occasions this past week, but it hasn't been during a time when we could get away to go find it. FINALLY yesterday as we're all getting out by the pool, we hear it. HEH-LAAAWWWWW - B, that's for you. Hee-hee! We couldn't get in the car fast enough. And although he was out of both Shrek AND Spiderman popsicles (sigh), he didn't disappoint. Not sure what's so great about an old nasty-looking van turned ice cream truck blaring music that sounds like a song from Stephen King's "It", but it just is. 

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Tara said...

There's just something about a little man in bowling shoes that makes me smile. :) B sang the ice cream truck theme song for me which was quite funny! Kind of unconventional, but an attention grabber none the less. It makes you want to run to grab your money, but maybe to hide it rather than buy ice cream with it. You would expect that in our 'hood but not yours! Ha!