Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Allow me to show you proof. This picture shows the point of impact up close:

It looks shattered, and I guess it is inside, but you can't feel anything from the outside. You can only see it. Here's what you see when you turn on the t.v.:

And here's what it looks like when you try to maneuver the DVR (and yes, aside from The Young and The Restless, Chelsea Handler reigns supreme in my DVR):

How did it happen? Well Mac decided he wanted to throw a wiffle ball in the air then hit it with a plastic bat. In the house. Aimed right at the TV.

When Chris got home, he sat the boys down and kindly told them he never wanted to see them playing with a ball and bat of any type in the house ever again. He handled it a lot better than I anticipated. Of course, I'm sure it tugged at the ol' heartstrings when he realized Mac was so upset about it that he crawled into his bed and went to sleep for a bit. And then there was my sweet Grant who had absolutely nothing to do with it yet offered to let us move the TV from his bedroom into the living room. Thanks, Professor! But while I'm not one to let my kids veg out in front of a TV, when there are things to be done Billy the Exterminator is a great babysitter. Yes, I said it.

I guess the silver lining is that we still have a picture - for now at least. So for the time being when Chris and I sit down after the kids go to bed at night for our daily dose of Y & R, there will be a rainbow through Victor Newman's face. :)

Boys. That's all I have to say. Boys. If you have them, you understand. If you don't, your television set is probably still intact.

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Ford Family said...

I need to show Bubba this post so he will follow my rules and not play ball with Davis in the house! :)