Monday, July 26, 2010


Maybe it's just that it's fun.


Maybe it's that it takes me back:

Boy does it! How sweet is she!!

I'm sure it's some of both. Either way I love finger paint - the kid in me loves it for obvious reasons; the mom in me loves it because clean-up is a breeze. And of course, like their sissy did (as with most kids) the boys love it too. Anything that requires getting your hands dirty, they're all for it. Being that it's 110° in the shade with what feels like 100% humidity, and being that the pool feels like nothing more than bath water, I decided today would be a good day to get messy with it.

And if I do say so myself, I think my little artists' works are nothing short of a masterpiece! :)


Tara said...

Such treasures! I just started a post a little while ago about Towns' art camp - I always love seeing what she brings home. But most time the homemade art is the best of all. I used to let the girls finger paint a lot. The last time we did it (I'll have to be either really rested or really brave before we do it again) Cate was covered from head to toe in a mixture of all the colors. Which equals BROWN! So nasty, but she sure did have a good time. All I had to do with Towns was wash her hands, and clean up for Cate involved holding her down under water in the tub for 30 solid minutes! That reminds me - I'm impressed that Reid practiced self control and only used his fingers. Something tells me it would have ended up like Cate's body paint if you'd let it go on long enough...ha!

Ford Family said...

I remember those walls (picture of Bethany) like it was yesterday!! what a sweet sweet picture!! we love finger paint here, too! although this summer we have been unable to paint from the car since that is where we stay! ughh! :)