Friday, July 9, 2010


We had a big week last week, so I'm going to try my best to recap it all in this post. Especially since I have some free time on my hands with my little ones being with their RaRa. I'll be honest and tell you I don't quite know what to do with myself! HA! I miss them tremendously, but they are having so much fun they wanted to stay one more day. Like I said, Mommy who? And after the first day with Chris and I wandering around aimlessly wondering what we should do with ourselves, we've adjusted. :) We went to the lake yesterday, just the two of us. It was quite different being on a big pontoon boat with no kids. We went to different marinas looking at boats, then rode from one end of the lake to the other just looking at different houses and condos, then had dinner at a restaurant on the lake. It was really nice and so peaceful. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It's not something we want to do a lot but is nice every now and then - and needed too!


I performed one of the most selfless acts so far in my life - ha! (aside from the few times I've ever shared any of my Krispy Kreme donuts) and kept Martha's girls while she, my mom, my Aunt Sandra and my cousin, Anna, went to Six Flags for the day. It just didn't work out for me to go with them (although that's always kinda been mine and Rachel's "thing") SIGH. I was, though, very excited I had the opportunity to help Rachel out so she could go. Not only has she helped me with Bethany and the boys on numerous occasions (i.e., right this second), but she's the most giving person I know. She deserved a day to herself to do whatever she wanted. She's like a kid as soon as she walks through the gates at Six Flags, and if you're with her you better have your walking shoes on. They met us in Auburn Monday night to watch Bethany do their home pom competition at cheer camp, then I took the girls back with me. GaGa and Mags (I call her Claire because Mags and Mac sound very similar which tends to get on her nerves) spent the night and spent most of the day with us the next day. I couldn't have asked them to be any better, and they always get along so well with the boys. I very much enjoyed their company, and am going to try to squeeze in one more visit before the summer is over.

Homemade popsicles are a favorite around here:

Because she's crazy like that:


Bethany and her squad did a fabulous job at cheer camp winning almost everything in their division. The biggest victory being winning first place in their home pom competition. They were allowed to stunt this year. I must say being the mama of a flyer on the squad means sitting on pins and needles.

You can tell from that picture she was favoring her hip a bit. She stunted more the week of camp than her whole life, and her body let her know she was overdoing it a bit. She left with a few bumps and bruises and a lot of sore muscles and joints. :) No worries, though, nothing a little Ruby Tuesday double chocolate cake couldn't cure.

I can't wait for football season, Umby!!


Karen Smith said...

Love this picture. Both of you are beautiful....

Karen Smith said...

All are great pictures.....