Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Bethany has mastered the art of persuasion. She hasn't just mastered it, though, girl's got skills! If you can believe it she and her friends persuaded me to do this:

Obviously no, that is NOT me. Oh how I wish I looked like that in a bikini. That's Bethany and the picture is just to show you what they got me to do. And although there IS photographic evidence that I did it, it shall never ever be posted on this blog. It ain't pretty.

Anyhoo, they had me trying to do all sorts of "stunty" things that were so foreign to my body - you just don't even know. "Try a full down, mom."

"Yeah! Yeah! Miss April, do a full down."

I'm sorry. A what? What does that mean exactly?

This is what a full down looks like mid-way:
"Just do this with your arms [motioning what they do], and just twist your body all the way around as you're going down."

Do you really understand what you're asking me to do? The words just and twist combined with body don't quite go together anymore. :) Bethany and her group make stunting seem effortless. It's not! But it really was fun. And with the exception of waking up a few times that night wondering why my back was a little "catchy", I'm all good.

In other news, we're a few months late in getting Reid's 3-year check-up, but it was last week and I want to post a few things about it before I forget:

He weighs 29 lbs.
He's 3 ft. 1 in. tall.
He's in the 25th percentile for his height and 10th for his weight. He's a little tiny hiney!

Dr. Trumbull said he's growing exactly as he should, that all his blood work, etc. came back great, and that he would see him again at his 4-year check-up.

He loves Vienna sausages. They make me gag just getting them out of the can for him.

He loves steak, ham, turkey, chicken, deer meat - pretty much any meat. He's a meat and potatoes kind of boy. :)

He and Mac have to have their coffee every morning (caffeine free of course).

He loves to help me with laundry and dishes (proof below because I'm sure this won't last long).

He's not a big fan of sweets or candy (and surprisingly yes, he IS my biological child). If you give him the choice of a bag of candy or Cheez-Its, he'll choose the Cheez-Its every time.

He sometimes forgets but usually has very nice manners like his brothers. When he remembers, he says, "I said my nice manners didn't I, mommy?" only it comes out like, "I say-d my nice mannoos..."

He's very animated when he talks.

His nicknames are Turbo and Velcro. Turbo because he's always in overdrive and Velcro because he loves to be attached to my hip.

He is hilarious and makes me laugh every day.

Out of the blue he'll walk up to me and tell me he loves me. "I wuv u mama." He does that 3-4 times every day. It melts my heart every time.

He still has a blanket and calls it his baby. He doesn't carry it around during the day but wants it when he's tired and when he sleeps at night.

He loves to give me hugs and kisses. He's a mama's boy 110%.

He is very demanding and requires A LOT of my attention, but he's the baby. Our caboose. MY baby. He's my heart!


Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll are having fun!We need a visit soon...I have some talk stored up for you.Mayree misses and loves you bunches!:)

Tara said...

Your daughter? Persuasive?? NOT Bethany! Ha! Surely there's some sort of bribery I can come up with for a look at those pictures. Or maybe I'll just take notes in the art of persuasion from her! :)

Ford Family said...

Well, you are a better mama than me for atleast trying!! :)

Anonymous said...

They have gotten so big! Tell the kids Deeda loves them and misses them so much! Would love to hear from you!

Jessica Ellison said...

I love reading all of these April! Makes me miss you even more! Remember when Mallie and I used to build Bethany and do cheerleading things with her? Now look at her go! I can remember it like it was yesterday feeding her when she was a newborn in your mom and dad's playroom! My how time flies!