Friday, July 30, 2010


This week I had the joy of spending the day with two sweet boys and their mama, Paula, the person I called my bestie throughout my jr. high and high school years. Every memory I have from those good ol' days includes her, including my pregnancy with Bethany as well as the labor and delivery - she never left my side. Our friendship has seen its share of ups and downs to say the least. And although it had been about four years (yes, FOUR years) since we had seen each other, as soon as she walked in the door it was like we picked up right where we left off. As crazy as it is each having two sisters, between the two of us we have five boys - ages almost 2, two 4-year-olds, and a 6-year-old.  (and of course my B who we missed not being here - she had a prior commitment). Needless to say at times it was a bit chaotic. :) But the boys played so well together, and I think we crammed as much catching up on the last four years as two people can do in a day's time. :)

Here are a few pics from our day. And although it seems I was a little (ok, a lot) partial to Cade, I really wasn't. It's just Owen didn't much like the camera aimed at him. Sweet baby Cade is a little ham and didn't mind having his picture taken one bit! And look at him, I couldn't help myself!

No fear:

Owen and Mac:

Sweet treats:

See what I mean?!? Look at that sweetness!

I had to be sneaky to get this one. I love it:

And about the best one we could get of all of them:

And we may or may not have bribed them with cookies to get them to sit still for 5 seconds. HA!

It was a fun day and something I hope to do again soon. She's someone who is very dear to my heart, and someone whose friendship I will always treasure. 

I love quotes (especially funny ones) and have come across a few friendship ones I like. One of my favorites and one that probably suits us best is this:

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you're a good egg 
even though [s]he knows you're slightly cracked."
~Bernard Meltzer


Ford Family said...

What a sweet post, hate that my little priss keeps us so on the go we couldn't be there due to swim team in the am and gymnastics in the afternoon! really??! that's nuts! I know yall had lots of good laughs and I know yall enjoyed every minute catching up over the past 4 yrs. OH, and I wish I could have been a fly in Paula's car as she was managing to find your house! heee!! I so bad! :)

The Sewell Family said...

Such a sweet post! You always had a way with your words. We had a wonderful time too. Your boys are just wonderful; welcoming, friendly, sweet and well-mannered. Thanks for all the yummy food and good conversation. 4 years is really way too long. We will do it again soon. I really want to see Bethany. I love that know we ALL have our own cracks!! Shea, I had absolutely no problems finding April's home (my sweet husband mapquested the directions..I guess he didn't want me calling him a hundred times).

Tara said...

Such sweet boys! I bet the good times were rolling with all of them, fun! :)