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Mac has been practicing with Grant's team, and Chris mentioned a couple of weeks ago he thought he was ready to start playing. Someone suggested we go ahead and let him, so Chris talked to Grant's coach and he was all for it. He was over the moon and hasn't stopped talking about it yet (neither has Mac - HA HA!)! Mac and his daddy went to Academy last week to get all his gear. I couldn't have wiped the smile off sweet boy's face if I tried. :)

Last Thursday was Mackey's first "real" game. He went 2-2 with an RBI.

Grant did great too, as he usually does (1-2 with an RBI).

But most importantly, they had so much fun together. We didn't win, but they don't really even realize it. In fact, we've only won one game so far this year. We won it in overtime, and for the parents it was one of the most exciting games. But when it was all said and done as Grant was leaving the dugout, he looked at Chris and asked who won. So they don't even realize it yet. They just have fun playing, and that's all I want. (I mean, for me being competitive by nature I would like to see a win every now and then but I'll keep those thoughts to myself.) :)

It was a super-fun night! I'm one proud mama and Chris Norton is one proud papa! And my "cherry on top" was that Sissy was here for it all. She was our good luck charm.

The rest of the week was spent enjoying precious time with my precious ones. Last week was Umby's Spring Break, so I got to enjoy her for a few extra days which is always heavenly. We went to Grant's school to help his teacher get ready for their art show (sorry for the hot-glue gun burns, Baby Girl). :) We shopped a little, ate a lot, got a pedicure (only the third one in my life but oh. my. goodness.), watched a movie, ate some more, worked on our tans, laughed at ourselves and each other  A LOT, enjoyed time with her brothers, and enjoyed some beautiful weather. Even with rainy weather Saturday, it was a perfect weekend.

Some highlights:

A sight I love to see:

She's their biggest cheerleader! She got Reid to jump off the side by himself. :)

And got Mac to jump off the diving board:

She also got in touch with a friend she used to go to school with, and they decided to go to the ball field together. I look for any opportunity to break out Big Nas' (a/k/a my camera), and this was one of them.

After a couple (ok, maybe more than a couple) Bethany had had enough and declared, "Ok, mom, that's enough - GOODNESS. You're like the paparazzi." Boy was it on then! A few of my paparazzi frenzy photos:

I think here she was saying something like, I SOOOOOO could not be famous! (Somehow I don't really believe that).


That would be her calling me a WEIRDO! :)

Yes, honey, I am. Get used to it. :)

And I just had to snap this one which she stopped to do in the middle of the photog frenzy:

AND which she does approximately 6,397 times a month - no exaggeration. Thank goodness for unlimited text!

I read a story a while back in my devotional about a mom who was so consumed with the daily tasks of being a mom and wife that she had taken her eyes off the Lord and become overwhelmed with her circumstances. How we're taught that your children are gifts from God yet we forget to open those gifts and spend time with them. She spoke of being so consumed with getting to the bottom of the laundry pile that she wasn't spending any time at the feet of Jesus and wasn't teaching her children to either. I too struggle with this - A LOT. And I, like the author of this story, am so very thankful for the "Ah-ha" moments the Lord presents us when we get a bit lost in the hustle and bustle of every-day life, in whatever form those moments may be, which remind us that our children ARE gifts so that we can take time to open and enjoy them.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. These words that I am giving you today are to be in your heart. Repeat them to your children.

Deuteronomy 6:5-7

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