Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yesterday was Grant's follow-up appointment with this eye doctor. The next phase of treatment is patching the good eye to force the bad eye to work. We'll patch after school and on weekends for now. During the summer, we'll patch all day. Please pray for my little G-Man as this will be a major obstacle to overcome. Not only will the patch itself take some getting used to, but he'll only be seeing out of one eye and that eye only has 20/60 vision. The big plus in all this is that Grant's vision was 20/80 with his glasses on one month ago. It has improved in four short weeks to 20/60 with his glasses on which makes us all very optimistic about the outcome of patching. Dr. Murphy feels that by the time he's old enough to wear contacts, he'll need only one contact in that eye, and will hopefully be seeing 20/30. PTL!

On to Reid's mouth. His mouth was healing nicely, and it looked as though the top teeth that were loose were going to tighten back up. I say WAS because after a couple of bumps to his mouth (courtesy of his brothers) since being hit with the bat as well as a run-in with a little boy's foot at preschool who came down the slide before Reid could get out of the way, well let's just say that was the final straw. His little teeth and gums just couldn't take any additional trauma. His two front teeth were very loose, especially one which was basically just hanging on by a thread. The gum was pushed way back, and almost the entire tooth was exposed. I took him back to the dentist yesterday, and through x-rays and an exam determined he would almost certainly loose those teeth if nothing was done. So we decided on a procedure to reset those teeth which was basically having them pushed back up in the gums in the right place. They also placed a wire across his front teeth to hold everything securely in place while he heals. It was not a pleasant procedure. Dr. Cumbus was upfront about it. But it was necessary to save his teeth, and he was a trooper! Me, well, not so much! They told me I could stay back with him for the procedure but I kindly declined. Plus I thought he would do better without me right there. They work like a well-oiled machine there, so it was over pretty fast. The wire makes him look like he has braces, so we told him he was cool like his Sissy now! That made him smile. :)


We may have been down for a bit, but we we're not out! And of course with warmer temps, we wanted some type of water play. With the pool still at brrrrrr°, I thought I would introduce them to Slip-n-Slide. They loved it. We always had one growing up. It brought back memories. I wanted to slip-n-slide myself but I was afraid I would crack my back and any other part of my body that tried to slip or slide in a direction it no longer does. :) And with Reid's mouth situation, I decided it would be beneficial for us both to be spectators.

Grant had to try it out first because, you know, as the big brother he is entitled. And of course, being Mr. Follow-The-Rules (which I love), he had seen the pictures on the directions of how to slide so that's how he did it:

Ok, well he's usually Mr. Follow-The-Rules, except the rule about not shooting me with a water gun:

Then it was Mackey's turn who is much like his daddy in that he does nothing in a conventional manner, and Mac's all about bending the rules:

But after a little vinyl burn on the knees and top of his feet, he opted for the belly:

If you ever had a slip-n-slide, you probably added a little of this:

If you didn't, you really were missing out. Actually we used to add Dawn dishwashing soap which was really slippery, but Grant's skin probably wouldn't have liked it. This did the trick!

Don't worry. Reid still had his fun:

Of course with Reid, the day wouldn't have been complete without some type of boo boo.

That boy is gonna do his mommy in!

For now Reid's hanging with me - no preschool for a while. He loves to help me clean, so this may very well work to my advantage - HA! And look at that face - he's on the mend! Please just pray for a hedge of protection around that sweet mouth which seems to have a big bullseye on it!

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Ford Family said...

It's amazing how kids don't freeze playing in the water! :) They are just precious and so glad that yall are on the mend~might need to put yall all in a bubble!! xoxo