Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Last night was Grant's first game and the first time I've heard those words to begin a ball game my son was playing in. I was giddy, excited, nervous - all of it. :) I hope it's the first of many, many more to come. We didn't win but we sure had fun, and Grant did really well!

His jersey is a bit big (it was tucked in down to his knees - HA) but it's as small as they come - he's still such a little thing :)

He had as big of a smile on his face when the game was over as he did when it started. I don't even think he realized they lost until we talked about the game on the way home. 

Chris didn't want to coach this year. He wanted to sit back and watch since it's Grant's first year. But after Grant's coach got to know him a little, he asked for his help so of course he couldn't say no. It's turned out to be a good way for Chris to get his feet wet a bit. 

I wanted C to coach all along. Because I knew seeing this would be indescribable - that's Grant on first with Chris giving him a few pointers:

And it was.

Next year Grant and Mac will play in the same age group. I can only imagine what fun it will bring watching Chris coach the team Grant and Mac both play on. 

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