Monday, June 15, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Allow me to introduce you to my husband's "baby," his garden. Isn't it great! He's so proud of it and very well should be. We had one last year, but it didn't do so well. Chris has worked so hard on this project, and I'm so proud of it (and him). He put a lot of thought into it before anything was planted. He had everything planned out: what to plant, when to plant, how often it should be watered, etc., getting advice from other "gardeners", even researching different issues. We're "garden virgins" so we're learning as we go. He works in the garden every single afternoon. It's been so neat for us and the kids to watch it grow from what looked like a big slab of dirt to this. I would love to say I had a lot to do with its harvest, but not so much. I've helped some, but only where I know a grasshopper won't jump on me (I HATE bugs, especially "jumpy" ones) or until those no-see-ums start to attack. Chris knows it's hasta-la-bye-bye for me when that happens. I have boys so I surely don't mind getting dirty, but only when it doesn't involve bugs. YUCK!

We had our first crop of squash and it was delish! We've had some fried green tomatoes which were oh so good and are anxiously awaiting the taste-test of the ripened tomatoes. We're going to have enough tomatoes to sell on the side of the road out of the back of our truck in every variety you can think of. :) There is also corn, peas, bell pepper, and cantaloupe. You wouldn't believe how much they've grown just since these pictures were taken. We're already planning what to add to next year's. I hope one of the kids or dogs don't do anything to harm Chris' "baby," because we would surely be mourning the loss of it!

WARNING: If your sprinklers are on a timer, be sure you know when your husband has set it or else this happens when you try to get some pics:


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Ford Family said...

Yummmmy....I wish I had a garden or maybe I could just come steal from yours! HA! :)