Friday, January 13, 2012

Sometimes if you put a little note in their lunchbox...

I used to do this every day for Bethany. She never ate in the cafeteria, so every morning I fixed her lunch and wrote a note on her napkin. The notes almost always had something to do with "marvelous" on Mondays, "terrific" on Tuesdays, "wonderful" on Wednesdays, Thursdays I mixed it up, and of course Friday was "fabulous" or "fantastic." The boys are like Sissy and rarely eat in the cafeteria (not that I blame them). Pizza is the only thing they'll eat. I don't write a note every day for the boys, but it's a fun surprise when I do. Mac loves leaving me little notes which I take to mean he probably appreciates them in return. He's just learning to read so I have to keep his notes short and simple - limited to words I know he'll be able to read.

A couple of days ago I took Mac's lunchbox out of his backpack to pack it again for the next day. When I opened it this is what I found:
So you see, sometimes if you put a little note in their lunchbox, you might just get one back.
Sweet, sweet boy.

Oh, and since his note was on the same napkin, here's hoping the reason he didn't use that one was for the sake of sentimental value and that he got another one from the lunchroom to actually use. :)

Have a Fantastic Friday!


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Sweet and even sweeter that he wrote you one back! I do the same thing with words I know he can recognize ;)