Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little of what we've been up to

I have the greatest sisters and parents ever. Seriously.
On Thursday, thanks to Dawnie, Chris and I got to sneak away to Birmingham for a boat show. You know, because over the summer our boat + a tree...
Yeah. Still makes me so sad to see that picture. :( WAAAH!

Well, one day we'll think we are in the market for another one and the next we'll think better of it. Since we had free tickets to the boat show we thought it would be fun to just go look. Look was all we did. We had a good time. We ate dinner after then made it home in time to tuck the boys in. Many thanks, Snuggie! The boys always love when "Aint" Dawnie picks them up from school.

On Friday, Rachel texted me and said she missed her baby loves and asked what our plans were for the weekend. That's when I jokingly (or not) said, "Why? Do you want them for the weekend?" hehee And so the planning began. Because Martha is Martha, she and the girls drove to my parent's house Friday afternoon, first making a stop by our house to pick up the boys. FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND.

RaRa wanted it to be a surprise.
Go ahead and blow that one up so you can see Grant's face :)
M & M - nothing else matters in their world when they're together
I think it's safe to say they were surprised, especially since Maggie FaceTimed Mac as they were getting close just to "say hi on her way home from gymnastics," and kept him on FT until he saw them. Such a fun surprise!

They all kept each other thoroughly entertained (playing, games, the movies) while I was able to relax and enjoy a weekend with my man. It sure was needed, and I'm so very appreciative we were able to have some alone time. We didn't do anything really exciting. Dinner Friday night. Lazy Saturday morning. Did some running around and then went hunting Saturday afternoon. Came home to let the dogs out (we are turning into Big Daddy and Louise). Then dinner again Saturday night. We enjoyed a quiet house and each other. Dreamy.

See? Greatest. family. ever. Thanks to RaRa for making it happen and also to my mom who we can call on a Friday at lunch and say, "Oh, by the way, you're going to have a house full of grands. Today. For the whole weekend." And she says, "Sounds good to me. What time will y'all be here? Be sure to bring church clothes." I hope I'm like that when I'm a Mimi. ;)

As fun as the weekend was and as much as we recognize the need for couple time, I think it goes without saying that we missed our little guys and were very glad to have them back home Sunday.
Granddaddy finished the European mount on Mac's first deer. Dad did a beautiful job as always, and Mac was one happy little hunter to have it on his wall (although the fact that it's a spike makes the horns look sort of evil which creep me out but I've kept that to myself - he just sees his deer, which he should).
Jack the Taxidermist - who we keep telling should go into business - has a couple more he just finished (one for Grant and one for Chris). We can't wait to see them.

I hate these pictures didn't turn out so well because I love them. Chris was working the dog the other day (oh yeah, we have a lab now too... that's a whole other post in itself - he and I aren't exactly friends - lab puppies are psycho).
Reid was right there with his daddy the whole time and was mimicking everything Chris was doing. Love.

And in case you have forgotten the name of this thing (especially if you live in the south):
It is called the sun. S-U-N, sun. The past couple of days I have thought maybe it was just a figment of my imagination, like a mirage of sorts. But no! It was the real deal. Reid and I thoroughly enjoyed soaking it up while Chris and the other two boys were at baseball.
Turbo wanted Lucy to go with us and at some point it ended up with Reid carrying Lucy while I pushed his bicycle.
Poor Lucy looks like a hot mess in that picture. She has since had a bath. Chris was holding her the other night and said, "You ought to be ashamed for letting your dog look like this." I said, "I KNOW! I cannot believe I've let her get so nasty. I'll bathe her tomorrow."

And then it occurred to me... We have turned into those dog people - the ones I have always made so much fun of. Maybe I should change Lucy's name to Karma. It's fitting in more ways than one. ;)

One last thing...
It's January. And we're wearing flip flops. I could get used to winters like this (minus the bad weather of course - just got word school is closing early today due to inclement weather). I could also get used to putting my feet up. :)

Happy {almost} Friday!

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