Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Allow me to brag for a moment

The boys' school takes part in the Accelerated Reader program. When Grant was in Kindergarten (which was also the first year Redland Elementary was in existence) students didn't start AR until first grade. It was not implemented in Kindergarten. However, last year all that changed. I guess they realized Kindergarteners are very capable of reading and testing on AR books.

Grant's teacher requires at least one AR test a day. There are some exceptions (i.e., if they don't have a chance to visit the library for a new book or they're reading a chapter book which obviously takes longer than a day to read). But for the most part it's a book a day to read and test on. That's a lot of books. So Mac has spent many afternoons/evenings sitting with Grant and me while we read. He would comment that he couldn't wait for it to be his turn when he would be the one reading a book to me.

Well that time has come. 

Mac brought home his first AR book the other night. I was blown away with how well he read it. Not only did he know his sight words but he was also able to sound others out. He needed help on a few harder words, but for the most part he read the entire book himself. They have to read a book three times before they can test on it, so we read it three (or maybe four) times until he felt he was ready for the test. I signed him up for a test. Bueller commented in the carpool line the next morning that he was "already shaking" about taking the test. :) I told him to do his best - that I knew he would do great.

Guess what? He did! He made a 100 on his very first AR test. He was ecstatic and couldn't get the car door open quick enough that afternoon to tell me all about it.
Grant got my camera and snapped a few pictures while we were reading.
Apparently to him it looked like a Kodak moment.
This one is hilarious to me. It speaks volumes about my mental state as I listen to a new reader trying to finish a book. It's not so much like that now with Grant because he reads fairly smooth, but oh my nerves for this stage in reading. Sweet? Yes! Very! I love that he's excited about reading. He doesn't get it from me that's for sure. Am I proud? Of course! I teared up as he started reading the first few pages, amazed that since August he has gone from just recognizing his letters and knowing a few sounds to reading a book cover to cover. But I'm not the most patient person. It surely isn't easy on the nerves hearing...

Big lion. [PAUSE............................................................................................................]

Big n-ehh-t NET.

Big t-rrrr-ooo-ow-...trrroh.. [looks at me for help - "trouble," I say] TROUBLE.

Big lion. Big net. Big trouble. [And big smile on his face after reading that page.]


Ok I'm sort of kidding. I have learned through the years to enjoy it and not try to rush through that time with my children. It goes by so fast, and I will miss the days they are excited to sit and read with their momma. But I would be lying if I said it didn't try the ol' nerves a bit. That's just who I am. Don't worry, though. I keep it together. No gnashing of teeth or throwing of books just yet. And it's great comical relief when he doesn't recognize the word "as" and tries to sound it out... "asssss." Hilarious.

I know. I'm terrible.

My hat's off to teachers. It takes a special person.

Now on to Grant. Yesterday was 2nd Grade Honors Day. The Kindergarten class doesn't participate in Honors Day because they don't receive letter grades yet. However, Mac's teacher allowed him to accompany me to Grant's ceremony. Our little Professor received recognition for all A's the first two nine weeks (this nine weeks he had 100s in every subject except one and that was a 99), outstanding conduct, and an AR award for having 50 or more AR points so far this year. Most of their books are worth 0.5 points, so in order for a student to have at least 50 points they would have to read at least 100 books - a job well done!
Receiving his awards for all A's and good conduct
Stopping for a quick pic after walking off stage
Receiving his AR award
A quick pic with little bro
Another with mom
And one more with Ms. T
Too bad there's not a picture of me receiving my award for Mother of the Year. Not only did I forget my camera I also forgot it was awards day. As in I completely forgot all about it until we pulled in the carpool line and I saw all the parents parking and going inside. Grant and Mac both have baseball on Tuesdays and Thursdays so they were dressed in sweatpants and t-shirts to be ready to go to ball after school. I kicked it in high gear, made a flying trip to drop Reid off at preschool then back home to grab Grant a change of clothes. I made it in the nick of time. Who schedules something like this the day after a long holiday weekend anyway??? Don't they know I have CRS disease? hehee Never mind no one else forgot. 

SO very proud of my guys. They're following in their Sissy's footsteps who continues to do very well in school herself.

I can only imagine what next year will be like when they're ALL in school.

Speaking of Sissy...
Unbeknownst to me she checked out of school early Friday. It's a bit scary how good she was able to pull off calling me at 3 p.m. telling me she was just getting on the road. A few minutes later Reid came running in the kitchen saying, "Sissy's here! Sissy's here!" I barely got the words, "No she's not. She just le...," out of my mouth when in she walked. What a sweet surprise! We had a wonderful, lazy weekend full of popcorn, movie watching, eating, coffee drinking and being complete couch potatoes while the guys hunted.



Ford Family said...

You have some precious and SMART kiddos my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww im soooo proud of all my SWEET babies!!

The Sewell Family said...

Hilarious! Loved the reading post.