Friday, September 16, 2011



Last week Grant's class read a story about a puppy. His teacher sent home a note asking if anyone had a small dog/puppy they would like to share with the class to correlate with the story. Grant was super-excited Lucy would have an opportunity to visit his class.

Before we arrived Mrs. Turnipseed asked Grant to use a word to describe Lucy.  His word was fragile.  Such a Professor-esque word. They also used a spelling word to help out on how they should act while Lucy was there:  tranquil. HA! Bless Lucy's fragile little heart. They were anything but tranquil. Lucy Belle was a nervous wreck. :) They were just excited, though, and were all very sweet and gentle with her. I think they were as "tranquil" as 20 second-graders with a cute little fluffy puppy visiting their classroom can be.

I forgot my camera :( (I'm surprised I remembered the dog) so a few snapshots from my phone will have to do.

So far Grant is having an awesome 2nd grade year. We love Ms. T. She is very positive and really wants the kids to have fun while learning. She has told me more than once what a joy it is having Grant in her classroom saying he is "very bright, is always on task, and a good friend to his peers." Maybe she says that to all her parents. I like to think she doesn't. ;)

Mac and I had to make a trip to the dentist first-thing Monday morning. Not too long ago he cracked a tooth, but they did something they call "build up" to fix it. It looked so good it actually looked better than his "good" tooth. After tossing a baseball with Grant and subsequently getting popped in the mouth with it, the "build-up" came off exposing that ugly broken tooth.
He is my vain child, so he was in tears thinking he would have to go to school with his tooth looking like that. I assured him it was very fixable and that we would be in Dr. Cumbus' office as soon as they opened. We were. They fixed it. All is well.
Now he can turn on the charm flashing that sweet smile at Maddie. His teacher informs me they're attached at the hip. He calls her his best friend. :)

When I checked him into school after the dentist, I walked him to his classroom. Mrs. Schweers needed me to help her with a few things, so I stayed a little while. It was reading group time while I was there. Mac's group was at the reading table. Mrs. Schweers asked Mac to read aloud the two pages of the book they were on.

He read, "I. am. the. little. yak. I. am. the. little. ox." I have to admit I teared up. I know they're sight words, but to see him "read" those words melted my heart. There's something very special about watching your children learn and grow right before your very eyes. He was so proud of himself and rightfully so. We're so proud of you, Bueller!!

Until recently Reid hasn't shown a lot of interest in baseball. He will hit off the tee, play in the yard when his brothers are just messing around, and say he wants to play. That's about as far as it goes though. As far as really wanting to hit with his daddy's help showing him how to get better, he just hasn't been into it like his brothers. And that's okay. He loves music so much we've always said instead of baseball guitar may be his thing. If that's the case, guitar lessons it is. However, his interest in baseball has peaked in the last couple of weeks. After his brothers get in the cage and hit, he wants a turn too.
I'm excited to see what Spring ball will bring when Turbo's finally on the field.

Bethany's friend, Ellie, came to Wetumpka with B this past weekend. Chris took the boys to the hunting land so the lemurs and I... I mean girls (wink wink - kidding, B) and I could have some girl time. After a fun, delicious and entertaining lunch at Panera it was on to the movies to watch The Help. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. If you haven't seen it, go see it. It's great.
B and Ellie before the movie
B and Ellie after we had a head lice discussion.
I can't wait for the next lunch/movie date with my baby girl.
Talk about watching someone grow up right before your eyes. She'll be driving in 65 days. I'm not ready for that. I don't know what parent ever is. 

Fall baseball is officially underway. We decided to play in Millbrook again this year. Wetumpka doesn't have a fall league, so our options were Montgomery or Millbrook. After being enlightened on a few key issues we opted for Millbrook. Montgomery doesn't even keep score. As one parent put it, "That's like killing a buck and not counting the points." Only in Alabama would someone make that reference. 

We had our first three games jam-packed into one week this past week. I'm learning this baseball thing as I go and have learned that fall ball is so much more laid back than spring. Don't get me wrong, it's still competitive (at least for us) and we want to win, but it's a totally different ball game. Pardon the pun. ;) We have a great group of boys and parents. These boys want to play baseball. They have done a good job so far, scooping up a win each game. Last night's was a nail-biter. Those are always fun. 

This is the first time we've played in 7-8 year olds. It's also the first time a catcher has been needed. For some reason when Grant learned a catcher was needed, that was the position he wanted. Chris tried to sway his decision as catcher is a demanding position, but Grant was determined. So Chris ordered catcher's gear, and they started working on it. 

They worked really hard so that Grant would be ready for the first game.

And ready he was. He looks like a natural. Although it is so very unnatural for his momma to watch as his sweet head is so close to those swinging bats.

Mac is also on team Wetumpka. He's only 5 but is playing up. He looks teeny on the field compared to the bigger boys, but Bueller holds his own in every way. I think that says a lot in and of itself. 

These are the days...

Happy weekend!!

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Matthew 19:14


Ford Family said...

Love reading about each of your precious babies!!! Oh, I won't dare let my Mack read about that little cutie that your Mac is attached to..she might be a bit jealous!

Angie said...

I am totally behind on reading!! I heart all the recent posts!! I want to come visit y'all and Robin and Wiley could move right in with Chris and the boys--Baseball is right up their alley!!