Thursday, September 22, 2011


Captions follow...
Love that sweet crooked smile ;) 
Silly boy
Getting ready for target practice with G's bow 
Gotta get it just right 
Checking the distance
Shot two arrows almost Robin Hood style
Yeah, I know I'm good even if I am a beginner :) 
Me and my Turbo the first day of school
Claire's first meet
Fuzzy picture but so pretty
After meet at Mimi's opening happies from RaRa
More happies
And yet more happies
I should have kicked RaRa's butt
Sissy love
Redneck creativity

What you DON'T want to see when you open your
GasBuddy app on the way to the beach when you're almost out of gas
and have forgotten where the nearest gas station is. 
The first spell of cooler weather and the boots HAD to come out
He was super thrilled I was taking his picture 
Cute little booty - not much of one - but still cute
Mac and Reid: Their walk is identical. It's also identical to their daddy's walk :)
Enjoying the sunrise most mornings now that we're in a routine
A pic of a pic I found at mom's the other day
Grace, Mac, Bethany, Reid, Grant and Mags... SIGH
Would someone please stop the hands of time from turning so darn fast!?!


Mary Carter said...

Did Chris shave his hair? Or is he going bald? Or has it been so long since I've seen him that I just forgot what he looked like?:/

Ford Family said...

Love the dump!

Angie said...

Love this post and love that you captured the walk! Before I read down I said out loud, that is their Daddy's walk :) Adorable!!