Friday, July 22, 2011


I can't quite say Liza Jane is my friend yet, but we're making progress, people. We are making progress. She visited again a couple of nights ago. She came a little closer and stayed a little longer. She's learning my scent I guess. Which won't be hard to learn being that I've worn Pearberry for oh, only the last 20 or so years. It's my scent and unless they quit making it, I probably won't be changing. I've tried to change a few times as there are other lotions I like (I can't wear perfume so it's always just been lotion and body spray), but Chris says they're just not me. He likes my scent. Have I mentioned we're both creatures of habit? Because we are in every sense of the word. Ya think?


Anyway, I was able to get a few more pictures of LJ and have learned she loves blueberries and pears (ding ding ding... that's why she's gonna be my friend... get it? pears... PEARberry). She's gonna love me. I just know it. 
Walking toward me a bit timid
Not quite as timid
I think I'll help myself to some of your peas, thanks!
No, she doesn't just love me for my peas. She's gonna love me for those blueberries and pears we're going to get on our next trip to the grocery store. HA!

Had I not been the one to actually give birth to him I would have a hard time believing Reid actually came from my loin. Not only can he wear tennis shoes with his socks upside down and inside out (which drives my OCD self bonkers just looking at it) but he also will eat any bite of steak Chris gives him, "chewies" and all. Gag. And now this:

Me:  Reid, what would you like for breakfast?

Turbo: Ummmmm, iiiiiii. thiiiiiinnnnk. iiiiiii. wannnnnt... APPLES!! (enthusiastically)

Me:  As in you want me to cut up an apple and that's what you're going to eat?

Turbo: YESSSS ma'am! APPLES!

Of course I had no problem with that. Who would?!? I loves apples too - for a snack - but definitely not for breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal but I don't think it's ever included apples. When I was younger I would eat 3 donuts and drink a vanilla carnation instant breakfast with it. And were it not for age and the fact that I just can't eat that kind of stuff anymore, I would probably still be eating it. If anyone offered me apples for breakfast I probably would laugh.
He sat right there at the table looking out at the rain eating his apples.

And then he tried to eat a seed so an apple would grow in his tummy.


This is my declaration that I am officially over summer "vacation." It's been fun but I won't be too sad to see it end (although I'm sure I'll miss it when it's gone, especially in winter). I love and am blessed that I can stay home with my kids and that we can fully enjoy our summers. But we thrive on routine, and it's so very hard for me to keep a routine during the summer. Our new backpacks have come in. We have our school supply lists. We have designated a couple of days next week as "Mommy and Grant day" and "Mommy and Mac day" so they can each have their own special time for school supply shopping. We are anxiously awaiting a call to find out who our teachers will be. So bring it on - school, homework, the schedules, the routine - all of it. We are ready. The countdown has begun... 24 days.

Happy Friday!!

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Ford Family said...

Since you are so ready and I am not...I will let Kenzie move in with yall (which I know will NOT be a problem) and yall can have all the school yall want! ; )