Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Where does the time go? Summer is slipping away, and fast. We have about 4 weeks until school starts, and that fact is blowing my mind. Didn't we just finish end-of-the-year parties? e

Last week - or was it the week before last? or maybe the week before that? Ok now that's sad. Anyway, who knows exactly when but sometime here recently a couple of friends of mine along with their kiddos joined us at Wind Creek for a day at the lake. Shea and Paula were two of my very best friends in high school. We don't get to see each other as often as we would like, but when we do it's like we pick up right where we left off. There's a lot to be said for friends like that. I love and cherish them very much. It's always so fun (and funny) catching up, reminiscing, and watching our kids together. At one point they were ALL inside playing in the bunk room so we 3 girls relaxed outside - talking, laughing, and eating the s'mores we didn't want to go to waste. HA! :)

Owen and Cade

Baby Cade - couldn't you just kiss his face off! 
And yes, his sunglasses are on upside down. Reid used to do the same thing so I had to get a picture.
Shea got a group picture too and she commented how Owen wasn't looking. I have about 5 or 6 of these pictures and in NONE of them is he looking. We told them everyone had to eat their lunch first, then we would make s'mores. Owen wasn't worried about some picture. This little sweets-aholic was concerned about one thing and one thing only: Finishing lunch to get to dessert! I totally get it. :)

Thanks, girls, for making the trip. As always it was a ton of fun. I love you both and can't wait to do it again.

Actually, the fun didn't end there. They were enjoying each other so much that when it was time for Shea to leave in time for Davis' t-ball game, Mackenzie declared she wasn't leaving. I insisted she stay, so we had the pleasure of Kenziemack's company for a couple of days. Poor girl, these Norton boys fought over her non-stop. But she can definitely hold her own and hung right in there with them. I told Shea I was not responsible if she came home using words like poop, burp, and fart. HA! :)

We thoroughly enjoyed having her, and the boys are asking when she can come back. 
We had one more night at the camper before we headed home so this is how they slept. Notice Mac is not in the picture. Mack and Mac were fast friends... and Shea was a bit nervous. In her own words, "I don't trust a Norton boy." I kept my word and was sure to separate them at bedtime. Oh, Mac. That boy.

We headed home first thing the next morning, and the kids had a couple of things on their minds:  
Swimming and snow cones!! The weather didn't quite cooperate, so when we couldn't be outside swimming we kept busy with things like play dough.
We had some blue homemade play dough we made a while back with blue raspberry Kool Aid, but it had gotten a bit sticky. That certain recipe doesn't keep very long. The only flavor I had to make more was grape which of course would result in purple play dough. Under any other circumstance the boys would have said NO THANKS! Having Kenziemack there meant purple play dough was totally acceptable. ;)

Being that it had rained off and on and the wind was blowing, the last time they swam they came out of the water with chill bumps and chattering teeth. They thought it would be fun to hop in the tub with their bathing suits on like a hot tub. I think they stayed in there longer than the pool.
The next day was Bethany's first day of cheer camp, but her home pom competition wasn't until that night. Shea was so sweet to invite us to hang out at her house for the day until it was time for the competition. We met for lunch then headed to the Ford casa. Dawnie came with us too so she, Shea and I sat in the living room while the kids terrorized Davis' room played.
If you know Shea at all you know that picture represents what almost caused her to go into cardiac arrest. heehee
But that's ok because these sweet boys were the "tornado" that came through, and it didn't take long to clean up when we all pitched in. Shea's house is beautifully decorated yet still feels so warm and cozy. Everything has a place. She has inspired me to become more organized. Maybe it'll happen. Maybe. One day.

As if having three extra children in her house for the majority of the day weren't enough, Shea let Mackenzie have some friends (twins no less) spend the night. She thought the girls would enjoy watching all the cheerleaders, so they joined us in cheering on Decatur. 
Shea... Many thanks for the hospitality and for coming to watch my baby girl. It was a great day. Well, at least until I got a ticket for running a stop sign after I left the competition but let's not talk about that.

Or let's. I flat didn't see the stop sign, and there just so happened to be a cop sitting right there. Yay me! He informed me - as he's giving me the ticket - that he had no choice but to write a citation since I didn't even slow down. That if I had done more of a "california roll," (hardy har har) he might could've helped me out. Really? Douche bag? HILARIOUS. 

It also wasn't so hilarious that Reid and I came down with a bout of strep throat. Chris knew that I wanted and needed some rest so he took Grant and Mac to the camper for the afternoon and night. Reid and I snuggled our sick little selves in bed. And while I hated we were sick, it made for some sweet love from Turbo.  
After a round of antibiotics, Reid and I were both feeling better. It was a good thing because that Friday we drove back to Auburn to pick Umby up and make sure we stop at every stop sign on campus. Then it was on to the lake to start celebrating the 4th. 
Martha, Mary Lou and Claire visited us for a couple of days at Wind Creek. Somehow I only ended up with a couple of pictures. 
I'm going to have to get better about that. I mean, who doesn't love having their picture taken while eating a hot dog. 

Saturday morning Chris set off in search of a blender and some mixes so we could make some fruity adult beverages. In total Chris fashion, he came back with this:
And any and every mix known to man as well as half the ABC store. ;) Martha being the "Martha" that she is spent the afternoon in and out of the camper trying out various cocktails and concoctions, all of which were too yummy. We even talked Mimi into one (or two). And none of which I can replicate. I've tried.

They headed out Sunday, and Monday B and the boys couldn't wait for "Aint" Dawnie to get there to spend the 4th with us. 
We were lazy during the day, and that night decided to drive closer to Kowaliga to see the fireworks on Lake Martin. Every year the past few years we've watched them from the water on our boat. Not this year... damn tree. So at the last minute we decided we still wanted to see them even if it was from the road. We didn't know if we would get a place to park where we could actually see them well, but we lucked up. We could sit in the back of the car and see them perfectly!
There's something magical about watching the sky light up with fireworks. I love them.
It was really cool too crossing back over the bridge and seeing all the boats. Like B said, all the boats with their lights made it look like a little city on the lake.

Although next year I want to be a part of that little "city." Ok, honey. [hint, hint].

I'm so thankful we were able to celebrate Independence Day the way we did and can't imagine it any other way.

Except maybe with a boat. :)


The Sewell Family said...

Sweet post! Enjoyed catching up and the boys had a blast. Love you!

Ford Family said...

I loved the recap!!! Davis' room proves they had a great time and that is all that matters!!! :) Love the new blender, I'm thinking that our next reunion we need to break that thing out and I am sure that we will have even more laughs! hehee! Love you!!!