Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I realize we're halfway through this week but if I don't post about my Mother's Day weekend now, my memory will fade me and I will wish I had. The weekend started off with a baseball game Saturday morning. I think I've mentioned a time or two (or twenty) that we like baseball just a tad, so what better way to kick off the weekend. We won. Whoooo hooooo! They played a great game, and the siding boys remain undefeated. :) We have a few tough games left though.

After the game the anglers were at it again. Chris, Grant and Mac went to Big Daddy and Grandmama Norton's for the rest of the day Saturday. It was just the three of them spending the afternoon fishing.
I think it's safe to say they had a good time. I love doing things like that with them (and have to admit I was a bit bummed they were going without me), but I also love that they enjoy alone time with Daddy and that Chris loves to have his boys with him.

Turbo had the chance to go too but wanted to hang with me... Shocker! Mimi, RaRa, GaGa and Mags came to the game that morning, so while the boys did their thing we did ours. We had a two-hour lunch just talking and visiting. Then somehow we roped Meems into keeping the younger ones so Bethany, Martha and I could go see Something Borrowed at the movie theater. The movie was really cute and funny, and I loved having a few hours of girl time.

On Mother's Day I was able to sleep until almost 9 a.m. I really don't know the last time that has happened. We ALL slept in. You couldn't have bought me a better Mother's Day gift. The fishermen got in too late the night before to do anything with the fish except put them on ice, so cleaning fish was on the agenda first-thing.

The guys with their catch (59 to be exact):

Deer and fish now make up 98% of the contents of the deep freezer.

Since they helped catch, they helped clean.
Mac signifying that a breakfast of fish guts in a trash bag is NOT the breakfast of champions.
Turbo opted out of helping with the fish (he said he didn't catch them so he wasn't helping) and instead checked on the tomatoes:

Sissy opted out of playing with fish eyes too and stayed inside catching up on a few of her DVR'd favorites, but soon we were all enjoying the beautiful weather. I love this time of year. Love love love. 
While we played Chris was grocery shopping since he was in charge of lunch and dinner. He cooked us a delicious lunch of... what else but our catch of the day. :)

After our bellies were full the boys got still on the couch, and it wasn't long before Turbo was sacked out. Chris mentioned that if Bethany and I wanted the rest of the afternoon free of three certain little boys then we had better slip out while we could. You only have to tell us once. We were in search of green plums so we decided to make a pit stop at Peach Park before B headed back to Decatur. We scored on the green plums and also saw many, many people walking around with ice cream cones. I'm not much of an ice cream fan but Umby sure is. She couldn't resist. We headed toward the ice cream but before we could get there a few other things caught our eyes:  Homemade red velvet cake, homemade strawberry cake, and homemade caramel cake. But which one? That's a decision no one should have to make so we took a slice of each.  :) She dug into the ice cream cone and I dug into the cake like we hadn't eaten in days. It was quite a sight.
Guess the DIET Dr. Pepper counts for something, right!

One last thing...

Did you happen to notice anything different about our pool in those pictures? It recently received an overhaul. It needed it in a big way. A few "before" and "afters"...

 (Last year around this same time.)

 (During the overhaul.)

We love it and couldn't be happier with the outcome! Ready. For. Summer.


Mary Carter said...

New liner! Yay! Hope to come visit soon and pick some maters.:)

Ford Family said...

Those 'maters growing are looking delish..can u drop 2 of those pots off for me in Opelika?? Love the new liner, it looks great!!! My kids have been swimming a lot at my mom's, but I can barely put my feet's like ICE! :)

Tara said...

It's so blasted hot here today I think I'd drive 2 1/2 hours just to take a dip in the nice, newly lined pool! So pretty!!