Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Every year Kiddie Kollege holds a ceremony honoring all the "graduates" of their Pre-K 4 program.  Mac was a part of the Kiddie Kollege Class of 2011, and the ceremony took place last week. The parents and grandparents were treated with a slide show set to music while the graduates got into their caps and gowns. The ceremony officially began with, what else but a processional to Pomp and Circumstance.
Although it looks as though he's overcome with emotion over the fact that he's a graduate and Pomp and Circumstance brought on the tears, it's really just that he was a bit nervous and for some reason keeping his hand on his face is how he showed it. ;)

They found their respective places on the stage, and we were entertained by the graduates with special songs, poems and Bible verses they worked so hard to learn. Mac vividly remembers Grant's two years ago, so he was very excited to take part in something he watched his big brother do.
I was equally as excited because Grant's was a precious ceremony. Short, sweet, and to the point. Precious.

Earlier that evening as Chris and I were getting dressed to leave for graduation he looked at me and asked the question all dads ask before attending something like this:  "How long is this thing gonna last?" I assured him, "Probably around 45 minutes, maybe an hour at the latest."

The ceremony lasted a little over TWO HOURS.

There were 16 5-year-olds on that stage for TWO SOLID HOURS. It wasn't supposed to last that long, but some miscommunication, issues with the venue, and a bit of disorganization caused it to run a tad over. And by a tad I mean an hour and fifteen minutes.
At the one hour forty-give minute mark I turned to my parents and my in-laws and told them they were excused from Reid's ceremony next year - no hard feelings. :)
Mac's was precious too, though, all 120 minutes of it. It really really was. I know I'm a little (ok, a lot) partial but he really did a great job. He knew all of the songs, poems and his Bible verse and was one of the most well-behaved children there, even after spending half his life standing on the stage. HA!
They had Who's Who for the class. That's Mac stepping forward to be recognized as "Most Athletic." You can't tell it because his head is down but he's grinning from ear to ear.

A few family pics...
 My sweet boys. Goodness we're blessed.

 Grant, Mac and Reid with Grandmama Norton and Big Daddy

 Professor, Bueller and Turbo with Mimi and Granddaddy

"Aint" Dawnie with her boys

Me with all my guys (we missed you, Sissy!)

The time and effort everyone at Kiddie Kollege puts into making each child feel special (not just at graduation but all year long) is heartwarming. They are a wonderful group of people who have become like family to us. They genuinely love and care for our children, and always go the extra mile. We will be sad to be ending our Kiddie Kollege days after Reid graduates next year.

As for Bueller, though, there's no sadness that his Kiddie Kollege days are over. He asks me almost every day how much longer it will be until fall because he knows that's when he starts "big school." Like they sang in one of their songs, Kindergarten here we come! I've never seen a child more ready for it.
 Way to go, Mac! We love you!


Ford Family said...

Yay Mac!

Tara said...

Congrats to Mac! Can't believe he's old enough to be going to kindergarten. Seems like he's so ready! Towns had her Finale Rally last night and I cried enough tears to flood Decatur. I don't love change, but these children obviously do!!