Friday, May 20, 2011


This week was a fun week for Professor. Tuesday was Field Day, and he has been counting down the days. Not only do they get to stay outside most of the day, but it's all about competition. Grant is competitive by nature (gee, wonder where he gets it??? Poor thing... he got popped from both sides on that one), so this day is especially fun in his mind. :) Well, as long as he's winning. See Exhibit "A" below.
Go ahead and zoom in so you can see that extraordinarily, freakishly large vein popping out of the side of his neck. That's because someone just pulled his flag and got him out. Ooooh he was pissed. Look at that thing. What is it? That cannot be healthy.

The object of Flag Tag is for a certain number of people to get inside a "box" with a flag in each of their pockets. When the coach says GO you run around trying to snatch people's flags out of their pocket while trying not to let someone else snatch yours. If someone gets your flag, you're out.

Well... someone snatched his. Oh the nerve of that kid! Of course Grant had already snatched quite a few people's flags himself and gotten them out, but how dare one of his friends do it to him. He had to go to the back of the line for that one. Losing with grace is still a work in progress. Again, genes run deep. :) Thanks a lot, Martha. HAHA! Kidding!

Mac and Reid accompanied me to Field Day, and Ms. Vines was so sweet to ask if they wanted to participate. Turbo's answer was a big negative, but she only had to ask Bueller once. He was all in. Naturally when it was his turn in he headed straight for the ladies.
Mac and the ladies...  Heavens to Betsy. His teacher told me this week that periodically he will come up behind her and pop her on her rear end then will stand there smiling with a "yeah, I did it" look. Chris and I talk often about how we think life will be when they boys are teenagers. And it's SCARY! :)

After a stop at the concession stand for a snow cone Grant had cooled off and was good to go. Next was limbo which provided for many, many laughs and a lot of fun.
After each 1st grade class had been to all the stations they met up for a class relay race. Ms. Vines' class won last year, so the pressure was on to win again. And guess what...
They did! Thank goodness. It would've been hard to teach Grant a lesson in losing with grace if he saw his teacher pop a vein. :)

Yesterday was 1st Grade Honors Day. Grant loves school. He loves to do well in school and already puts a lot of pressure on himself to make straight A's. Hello... his nickname is PROFESSOR. B's are no good in his book. You may as well give him an F. This takes the "genes run deep" thing to a whole new level. Sound familiar, Sissy? I keep telling him he has a long road ahead of him if he keeps this up. Trust me.
I was proud as a peacock watching him walk across the stage to receive awards for A Honor Roll-2nd Semester, Good Conduct, AR, and a medal for having A Honor Roll all year. It's my blog. I can brag.
A few classmates and fellow recipients
(Ally, Grant, Ashton, Jaice and Christopher)

 If you only knew how hard it was to get this picture - someone is always starving, has to pee, or just plain doesn't want their picture taken. In which case I said, "You will starve unless you take this picture. You can hold it. And you just better get your tail over here and smile." And voila. 
Pictures can be quite deceiving, can't they!?! HA!

So proud of you, my little mini-me!

There are 5 more school days left. Let the countdown begin...

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We have been counting down since May 1st!!! ;) Can't wait!! Have a fun weekend!!