Thursday, January 27, 2011


The snow didn't come to us, so we went to the snow. Actually the reason for our most recent trip to Decatur was to see Umby cheer at a basketball game, but seeing and getting to put our hands in some snow was a treat. Add in some good time with two other little McClendon girls we love to be around, getting to see Country Girl, as well as some donuts on our way out of town (and B driving so I can fully enjoy said donuts), and it makes for one great day.

Seeing her doing what she loves makes me happy. 

This little redhead gets pretty much whatever she wants when she hops in Mrs. April's lap and wraps those arms around my neck. 

She honestly is one of the funniest people I have ever met. 

And Wownsy, well she's a sweetheart who always amazes everyone with her natural tumbling ability. And of course her big sister looks for any excuse to show her off. :)

All in good fun:

I'm not sure who these two are after but they're in hot pursuit. And when those two get together you never know what might happen:

The only good thing that came from our failed attempt at homemade donuts was the fun in making them. YUCK! They were disgusting. But we did have fun. I had flour all over my kitchen. If you know me you know I have to be in the mood to do this type thing. I'm so glad I did because the boys had a blast. So ultimately we trashed those (after a little more time of playing with the unused dough) and went with the tried and true "homemade" donuts - canned biscuits flattened with a hole cut out to look like a donut, then fried and covered with glaze. Mmmmm. I'm still on a mission for a good recipe, though. I won't give up that easily.

Reid's attention span is not quite up to speed with his brothers. So he had his fun, washed his hands, and sipped on Sprite while he watched:

 You have to get the mouth just right:

Sweet hands:

They even helped "wash" the dishes. They were washed perfectly to go into the dishwasher.

I tell them all the time how blessed they are to have each other - that their brothers are the best friends they'll ever have. A lot of the time they fight. A lot. I play referee A LOT. But not always. And those are the sweetest times!


You remember Ella Grace, right?!? The one who was Mackey's little girlfriend who subsequently became his ex-girlfriend when she told him he had to become a Bama Fan in order to remain her boyfriend. Well when I walked Mac into his classroom at preschool this morning, we were met at the door by Ella Grace who couldn't wait to show him this:
In case you can't read it, her shirt says GO TIGERS! WAR EAGLE! Yep, as his RaRa said, the boy's got game. :) 

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