Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today my parents are celebrating 36 years of marriage. They're a wonderful example of how a marriage should be. They're more in love today than they were 36 years ago, if that's even possible. They love each other unconditionally (they even like each other most of the time) :) and most of all they love Jesus and keep HIM at the forefront of their relationship. I'm so proud they're my parents.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad! Here's to many, many more years of wedded bliss! I love you both!


'Round and 'round and 'round it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows.

What's going around you ask? Well that would be a stomach virus. We've been bit by a stomach bug.

It's never good when you're awaken at 1 a.m. with "Momma, I just threw up." 

It was Grant, early Sunday morning. And he didn't just throw up, he projectile vomited three different times and in three different places before he could get to me or the bathroom. I'll spare you the details but it was horrific. I just stood there and stared at it for 5 minutes wondering how in the world I was going to clean it up. I kept looking at Chris saying, "How do I even start?" Since they all three sleep together we had to wake them all up because somehow the other two managed to sleep through everything up to this point. Oh if you only knew how I hate a stomach virus. Not that anyone particularly enjoys it but there are a lot of us. And it's usually a domino effect. I freak out. I immediately get nauseous and just know I'm going to be next. But I managed to pull it together. We moved the boys upstairs to Sissy's room, and Chris and I were on a mission. Team work! We finally got everything as best as we could for the night, got everyone tucked in upstairs, and crawled back into bed around 2:30. 

As much as I hated Grant was sick the silver lining was that Sunday was a day spent together, all of us, all day. We had a fire going, played Wii, we all piled on the couch and played Angry Birds on Chris' phone (we're hooked on that game), we played tic-tac-toe, we "hunted", some people took a little snooze, and we watched two good football games.

Yesterday started great. Grant had bounced back and was able to go to school. Mac and Reid went to school. I really was beginning to think maybe it was something Grant ate. UNTIL... 

Until I had to pick something up from mom and dad's house. The boys and me loaded up, headed over there and stayed for a bit to visit. A few minutes into our visit Mac said his stomach was hurting and curled up in a chair. 


Oh yes! Nothing like visiting the grands and bringing with us all those germs. I think I apologized 50 times. Here's hoping that's not how they're "celebrating" their anniversary.

So for now the rest of us are just sitting. Waiting. Eating very bland. And suffering from some major psychosomatic symptoms. We're like ticking time bombs. Who will be the next to bite the dust? 

The only "good" thing about this is that thankfully it's short-lived. Grant is 100% and Mac is already on the mend. He slept all night, is drinking good, and even ate some saltine crackers. Maybe, just maybe, it will stop there. Because we all know there's no time for a momma to be sick.

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Ford Family said...

Happy Anniversary to your sweet parents~hope everyone gets to feeling better!! love you!! :)