Friday, January 7, 2011


Let's begin with the cheesy Big Top Cupcake. I'm not talking cheesy as in I discovered some type of cheese recipe to use in a Big Top Cupcake mold, I mean cheesy as in corny. Before Christmas my mom, Rachel and I were having a discussion about some things we may want for Christmas. Rather things we may say we want (for certain reasons or other, right Martha? wink wink) ;). Anyhoo, Martha said, "Ooooh, how about one of those cheesy giant cupcake things."

I started laughing, "Oh, yeah, those things are SOOOO cheesy." Haha heehee, we laugh. My mom chimes in laughing a little too much, looks at me and says, "You mean the cheesy giant cupcake thing I bought you for Christmas that's wrapped and sitting right there under my tree?" Baaahahahahahahahahahah I guess you had to be there but it was one of those heelarious moments that couldn't have been timed more perfect. It's a good thing mom's a good sport about things like that. Most people would've been offended but we all got a really good laugh out of it. And in her defense (because she says she bought it thinking the boys would have fun with it), the boys think it's great. Grant has a love for the cupcake like no other so he especially likes it.

The other day we decided to test out our Cheesy Big Top Cupcake. Being that I'm having oven issues (I have a double oven and neither of them are heating properly - lovely - word to the wise, the Kenmore Pro line sucks) it didn't turn out as we had hoped. But we sure had fun trying. And of course the best part was licking the bowl clean.

MANNERS:  I'm a stickler for them. I was taught to use manners growing up and so was Chris. I think it must be a southern thing. Manners is something I've taught my children, and I expect them to use them. However, there are those times they just plain forget. I don't fuss or make a big deal out of it. Sometimes I forget to use mine too. The times they do forget I give them a friendly reminder. If one answers with "YES" I'll respond with, "yes, ma'am" and they know what I mean. I don't really even have to do that much, though, because for the most part they are very well-mannered if I do say so myself. Well the other day Reid was forgetting his manners a lot. After a few gentle reminders and Turbo still "forgetting" I said, "Reid, you need to go find those manners of yours you seem to have lost."

He said, "I KNOW! I've looked eveewhere and I just can't find 'em. They just lost."

Oh my side. Heaven help us during his teenage years.
Happy weekend!


Tara said...

If you find the Big Top Cupcake too cheesy, you can pass it on to us because that was on Towns' birthday list LAST year and I couldn't find one here. I forgot during Christmas and now she's already started in on it for her birthday this year!

And yes, your boys are the most well mannered kids I've ever been around. We try so hard here, but I find my self saying "yes what?" after I get a "yes". They know to follow that up with a "yes ma'am" but I might be reminding them until they 25. For some reason it just won't stick. :)

Martha said...

You know I just laughed OUT LOUD!!! :) Love you big much Nola!