Monday, May 14, 2012

Twinsies... a few more blasts from the past

I have so many posts to catch up on (even as far back as Easter) but can't seem to carve out the time.

So as not to completely let this little blog fall by the wayside I thought I'd post a few more pictures in the bunch I thought were long gone.

The minute Reid came into the world Chris and I both looked at each other and said, "He's Grant's twin." To this day they very much favor each other, especially now with Reid's "big boy" hair cut. Sometimes I have to do a double take.
They were SO excited to be having their picture taken
These next two are of each of them taking their first tub bath in the same little infant tub. Excuse the nakedness. :)
Is it just me? If Reid's picture weren't dated I would probably have a hard time telling them apart. Well, the back splash would give it away. We moved into a new house with the birth of each little Norton boy. Yes, we were crazy. But we kept outgrowing our houses. ;)
A few more...
And then there's Mac... who was rightfully named.
That boy is ALL McHugh! :)
Happy days
Claire and Mary Lou (a/k/a Maggie and Grace) with B at her dance recital
Sweet Baby Reid 
I have had the best time looking back through these pictures. I'm sure many more will be finding their way here.

I hope your Mother's Day was special. Mine was. I spent the weekend with all my loves. How could it not be... Blessed

A little funny - in honor of all you moms - and just because it made me laugh (and also sometimes the way I feel):

Happy Monday. :)

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Ford Family said...

Happy Mother's Day, sweet mama! Love you and all these precious pics!
P.S. that made me laugh too! : )