Thursday, June 7, 2012

Checking in

Hi. Anyone still here?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Mac always cracks up when I say that since his nickname is Bueller although he has no idea where it comes from. ;)

I cannot believe the last time I posted anything was three weeks ago. Who am I?

Whoever came up with and included "vacation" with summer obviously did not stay home with their children. Heavens to Betsy. ALL I WANT TO DO IS UPDATE MY BLOG. WAAAAAAAH!!!!! ;) Oh, and maybe pee in peace too. That would be nice. I do love summer but my goodness it's a busy time.

School is now officially out for summer although we decided to start our summer a few days early. The last two and a half days are a joke. Two little birdies (a/k/a Grant and Mac's teachers) let me know that grades were in, report cards were completed, and attendance the last week would not be an issue. That was all I needed to hear, especially since we decided at the last minute to head to the beach for Memorial Day. We had a great, relaxing time. Of course since it was a holiday it was crowded, so we ventured out a little during the day and for the most part stayed close to the camper at night. I dearly love the beach. Emerald Coast RV Resort has become like a home away from home. We enjoy our trips and look forward to a few more over the summer.
How can I love donuts like I do and yet have never been to DD?
Their original glazed donuts don't quite compare to KK in my book,
but their coffee is THE BEST. Some of their original blend
along with blueberry cake munchkins make for a great start.  
Fun lunch at Tacky Jacks! They were STARVING until
we realized they had a pool. :) It was nice to kick back with a
drink and good lunch while the kids swam.
Outside of TJ were a few vendors. They had the most yummy
kettle corn. We also got soft-serve ice cream, and of course
the boys spent the most time at the booth with the gator heads
Fun times with Daddy

This little boy has been waiting a long time to be tall enough
to ride the Kids Cars at Race City. FINALLY!!!!
They were the only 3 on the track. Competition was fierce. :)
The only picture I have from our day on the beach and Chris took it.
Sunscreen+sweat+sand=phone stays in bag
Our evening view of the pond at ECRV
Good times. We missed B but she was having her own fun on JUG beach trip not far from us in Grayton Beach.
B and Molly
Molly, Evelyn and B
Lanier, B and Julia
B and Lanier
I totally stole those pictures from Bethany and/or Ellie's Instagram. :) They were gone from Saturday to Saturday. This was the first time she's been on a trip like that for that long. She had a great time but let's just say she wasn't sad it had to come to an end. ;)

I had every intention of getting fully caught up on everything but duty calls. Although, my duties have been lightened a bit these past few days.
Reid has gone to his Rara's for a few days. His brothers have baseball so he went alone, a first for him. I thought he would last a night, maybe two. Well last night was night three and when I talked to him yesterday he was no where near ready to come home. I said, "REID! I miss you! Are you ready to come home?" His response??? "I wanna stay for a lot of days." Poor thing. He misses me so bad. He is living it up and being spoiled rotten by the minute. I'm missing my Turbo, though, so Mommy Monster may have to be a killjoy and insist he come home today. Otherwise he would probably be ok with changing his address. :)

I hope to be back real soon...

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