Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthdays, field trips and travel ball

How do you working moms do it? I mean, the ones who work outside the home. EVERY mom is a working mom. I resent when someone says, "So you don't work?" Really???

Being a SAHM comes with its own set of challenges. I guess if you've never done it that's hard to understand. If you do work outside the home I know time management is tough so... mucho respect.

In yet another attempt to catch up I decided I better combine a few things. Otherwise I will never get caught up.

Grant and Mac both had field trips within a week of each other. I love field trips. The actual field trip itself is usually overrated, but the one-on-one time it provides is worth the chaos that comes with it. I also love that my boys still want me to go on their field trips although Grant is over the whole holding momma's hand thing. He told me the other day as he pulled his hand back that it "felt weird" when I tried to hold his hand. [gulp]

May we pause for a moment of silence while I mourn that loss.

Grant's field trip was to Lanark. They went last year as well which made him all the more excited to go back this year. It's the perfect field trip for Professor. I thoroughly enjoy going myself although this year it rained. The whole time. Not a drenching rain but an annoying, steady, misting rain. Walks through the nature trail were made even more "exciting" by the fact that little boys shook the wet trees as the moms walked under them. ;) We left there with wet clothes and feet and some of us had hair that resembled either the untamed mane of a lion or a chia pet. But we had fun! :)
Lunch break
A lesson in camouflage - this was really neat. I wish I could remember
just how many children are in this picture - it would surprise you
Sweet Professor
One of the highlights of the day was getting to see these teeny babies close up
Mac's field trip was to the zoo. It had to be rescheduled two different times because of weather so by the time we were able to go, not many chaperones could make it. We were able to sweet talk Paige's teacher into letting her go with us.
Since she helps Mrs. Schweers every day the kids know her well, and she knows how to handle them. And Mrs. Schweers sweet talked me into riding the bus. Parents are usually asked to meet there since there isn't a lot of extra room on the bus. It was a very loud ride there and a very quiet ride back. :)
Mac has a weak stomach, especially with smells. The zoo first
thing in the morning was a bit much. haha
Checking things out with Caden
Bueller's group consisted of all ladies... naturally
I have no doubt Mackey was happy I was there.
But I think he would have been just fine without me had he known Paige was going.
She came by our house the other night to sell candles as a fundraiser for cheer leading, and you would have thought the boys were being visited by a celebrity. Needless to say we're quite fond of this sweet girl. I have my eye on her for some summer babysitting.

The month of April is filled with birthdays in our family. Dawnie's is the 18th, mine the 20th, my mom's the 21st, and Maggie's the 22nd.

My parent's friends, The Deavors, were kind enough to let us use their beautiful pond (which is more like a small lake) for Snuggie's big day (she bid adieu to her 20's). We thought we would wear the fish out then head back to The Colleys for a fish fry. Well, weather in Alabama as we well know (especially today being the anniversary of the 4/27 tornadoes) is quite unpredictable. A cold front came in making it a bit cool for the fish to bite. So while the weather and fishing could have been better, the company and time spent together were fantastic!

We did manage to catch a few...
And boy were they monsters!
We also managed to jack up Granddaddy's rods and reels :)
In true Martha fashion, Rachel was in charge of lunch.
And it was grand - thanks, KK!
Of course, Mrs. Amy made the cake - perfect for Snuggs
The two who made it happen - they baited hooks (because I do not
touch crickets) and untangled lines
The sisters
My favorite of the day
With Friday being my birthday, Saturday being mom's, and Sunday being Claire's we decided to celebrate all of ours at mom and dad's Saturday after Grant and Mac's games. We had hamburgers and hotdogs and the best cookie cake you'll ever have. If you've never had a double-layer cookie cake from Sam's you're missing out. I have absolutely no pictures but everyone was there (including my aunt, uncle and Nana). Great day.

The next day Grant and Mac played ball in Auburn. It was a last-minute tournament and was only our second ever. Chris very recently put together a travel ball team. Because we can't interfere with league ball - all our players are currently in league - we have had very few practices as a team. It shows. We're very new to travel ball. No pun intended but it's a whole different ballgame. We've been told it will take some time to get our feet wet. We believe it. It's been ugly getting annihilated our feet wet.
Turbo with cousin Grey
We were excited Uncle Donnie & Aunt Rae could come
Sissy and Meems braved gale force winds (only a slight exaggeration)
 to help cheer on the Wetumpka Rays
The boys have fun, but it does make for a long day.
Those pictures are from our first tournament in Montgomery. :) Once league ball is over we look forward to pressing on with travel ball in hopes of putting league in our rear view mirror. And maybe even start winning some games. We'll get there.

One more thing...
I just have to say I'm so proud of my baby girl. Bethany started her very first job this week working at a local miniature golf place in Decatur - Funland Putt-Putt. A job she sought and secured all on her own. Her first day she worked 11-7 with no break. That's okay. She says her paycheck was totally worth it. :) Welcome to the working world, Boo. We're very proud of you!

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Angie said...

Travel Ball--You have a lot going on!! Can you get that poor baby a car pillow? His neck and head bone look a bit uncomfy ;) Love the pic on the pier...cute of all the cousins!!

Working is tough but so is SAHM--When Alice was sick a few months back and I was home for a few days...the day seemed to come and go so quick and everything I said I was going to do, didn't happen. I stayed so busy :) So hats off to you too!! love ya xoxo